Masasa Mbangeni Suspected To Be Pregnant

Fans are convinced

By  | Jan 27, 2022, 08:25 PM  | Masasa Mbangeni  | Drama

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Former Scandal star Masasa Mbangeni sparked pregnancy speculations after she posted a video on Twitter.
The actress gave her fans a sneak peek inside her boxing training but received shocking reactions.

In the comments section, one fan asked her if she just had a baby, another one asked if she is pregnant.
Masasa is currently happily in love, she previously revealed on Twitter saying people should not use witchcraft to try and separate her and her man.

She wrote, "Also [happy] Anniversary with this one. Like loving you has been vibes upon vibes and drinking savanna in the Savannah,

"Sonwabile noLove ningasithakathi [we are very happy my babe and I, please don't bewitch us] use that energy to fight Covid please and thank you."

In another tweet, she shared: "Someone said I should stop posting pics of my guy because some girlie might take him away from me. If it happens it’s life hey...imagine living in fear of ukugilwa?! Yuh it could never be me"

Masasa has also encouraged ladies to shoot their shots revealing that she made her first move and she couldn't be happier, "#LRT I’m a big advocate of shooting your shot. I shot my shot & two years later I’m in the happiest, healthiest, safest relationship I have ever been in my entire life. Shoot wethu! You won’t die."

However, Masasa has not always been lucky in love. She previously opened up about her ex-lover saying he used to call her ugly. Sharing her story, Masasa tweeted: " I once dated someone who said that he wouldn’t want children with me because we are both ugly & he’s scared they would be too. I would be so far in life if I didn’t waste my time being attracted to men."

Other ladies also took to the comments section to share their stories. @noxolo_n said, "I once dated a guy who didn't want me to shave my hair, he said I looked like a man. I felt like he wanted me to look like his ex, to have long hair/wigs. That guy wanted me to be someone that I'm not. I'm just a simple Lady."

Yanga shared that she was told to never eat fat cakes, "Yea. I dated someone who was so obsessed with my slim body (2019). So much that he’d be upset when I pick up weight. Really upset. Ended up telling me not to eat amagwinya coz I’ll be fat and I will be sexually unattractive to him."
Meanwhile, Masasa recently share her picture with award-winning actor Siyabonga Thwala. Masasa was going down the memory lane of their theatre performance days.

"Siyabonga Thwala just sent me this memory. What we did here no one can take away. They can say whatever they say but they can’t take away this! Every night Siya took me to heaven and back," she tweeted.

Reacting to Masasa's tweet, Karabo applauded her acting skills saying, "You are really a storyteller. Even a picture is emotive. May you be granted with more opportunities to live out your purpose."
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