Fans Want Master KG To Stop Shouting 'Wanitwa Mos'

He has clapped back!

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Master KG has scored himself legions of fans worldwide and his song Jerusalema has become a phenomenon.

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Now, his catchy signature line "Master KG Wanitwa Mos" has been criticized by fans who wish for him to stop saying it in every song.

The Jerusalema hitmaker took to Twitter to acknowledge the fact that his signature line does annoy some people but he put his foot down saying it is not going anywhere.

Master KG told his critics that he understands their annoyance but he won't listen to them as it works for him.

"I'm always told to stop shouting 'Master Master KG Wanitwa Mos' on my songs. I know it can be annoying but it works for me hlee," he said.

Mizing the criticism Master KG cannot stop bragging about his well-deserved success as he keeps breaking those music boundaries.

"Music Doesn't Need Visa To travel  And Music it Doesn't Matter Where You Come From..and the type of music u do..Its Possible To be heard all over the world..Just Believe In Your Self And Work Hard And Respect your work," he advised.

His song Jerusalema is currently at number 383 on the 1000 songs in united states itunes Chart.

With all this success best believe he will not be changing a single thing!

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