Menzi Ngubane Biography: Hospitalized, Age, Marriage, Career, Awards & Nominations, Controversy, Philanthropy, Net Worth

Is there any acting role where he didn't nail it?

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Menzi Ngubane's name is hard to miss when there's a mention of great actors in Mzansi.

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He is a South African actor who was best known for playing the role of Sibusiso Dlomo on the soap opera, Generations from 2003 to 2014.

Here's a look his biography. 

Menzi Ngubane Hospitalized

Menzi Ngubane has been in out of the hospital several times.

In an exclusive interview with Drum magazine in 2014, Ngubane also revealed that he was on a kidney transplant waiting list.

Popular entertainment commentator, Phil Mphela, shared a post alleging that news reports that former Isibaya actor, Menzi Ngubane, is currently in hospital. Phil tweeted that the

“actor has been admitted to hospital with a recurring kidney problem.  The reports paints a dire situation.”

That one tweet sent Twitter in pandemonium with fans of the legendary actor starting the #PrayForMenziNgubane thread. 

Tweeps have used the thread to create a prayer circle for Menzi Ngubane

However, the family has thanked Mzansi for their prayers and concerns and have asked that they respect the doctor-patient confidentialty rules.

Sebabatso Media then released a statement on the state of Menzi Ngubane's state of health.

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Menzi Ngubane Age

He was born on the 4th of September in 1964. He is 55 years old.

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Menzi Ngubane Family

2020 saw Menzi Ngubane's father turn 90 years and he decided to throw him a big birthday party that was attended by close friends and family.

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Menzi Ngubane Marriage

Menzi Ngubane was married to Lerato Sedebi for a period of five years and sadly they got a divorce in 2013.

Menzi Ngubane is the father to two daughters, Siya and Ziyanda Ngubane.

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He says that, he will do anything for his girls as he does not want to have them depend on a man to do anything for them.

“I always tell my girls to look at what I do in this house. Look at the places I take you, because I don’t want a boy to promise to take you to Sun City as if you’ve never been. I take my girls to Sun City, Durban and Cape Town because if there’s a boy who comes and promises to take them there, they will tell them that my dad took me there. So, come up with something new.” he said

In 2015, Menzi then got married to his Sikelelo Sishuba in a traditional wedding.

The two were rumoured to have rekindled their love after Menzi Ngubane and Lerato Sedebi divorced.

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Menzi Ngubane Career

Menzi saw his career take off in 1987 on the network show known as Kwa Khala Nyonini where he starred as Cijimbi. Soon enough, Menzi Ngubane became one of Mzansi's favourite by the time Kwa Khala Nyonini got to its second season.

Menzi Ngubane then showed his brilliance as an actor on Ubambo Lwami as Mazwi and Mzansi will forever remember the brilliance that he showed on the TV show.
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Menzi Ngubane starred in more films such as Yizo Yizo, Ashes to Ashes, How To Steal 2 Million and Country of My Skull starring Samuel L. Jackson and Juliette Binoche.

He landed his greatest role on TV when he played Sibusiso Dlomo on Generations. He joined Generations in 2003 and played the role for almost 11 years.

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He then got a role on one of Mzansi's favourite soapies, Isibaya.

He played the role of Judas Ngwenya,  a ruthless and feared taxi boss from KwaMashu who was ready to leave his mark on the valley.

Judas Ngwenya was also a rich and powerful man. Menzi Ngubane played the role for four seasons. 

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In early 2020, it was reported that the powers that be, had hit a wall regarding Judas Ngwenya's character development and story-line. This resulted in the termination of his acting services, but the remaining members of the Ngwenya family remained on the show.

Menzi Ngubane along with Jessica Nkosi were said to be joining the cast on The Queen and this came shortly after he had left Isibaya. 

Menzi Ngubane Awards and Nominations

His great work on-screen has seen him gain the recognition that he deserves.

Here's a list of the awards and nominations that he has received

Best Actor for his role on uBambo Lwami at the Avanti Awards
2007 - Best Actor on Generations at the SAFTA Golden Horn Awards (Nomination)
2009 - Best Actor on 7de Laan at the SAFTA Golden Horn Awards (Nomination)
2009 - Best Actor on Generations at the SAFTA Golden Horn Awards (Nomination)
2013 - Best Actor on Generations at the SAFTA Golden Horn Awards (Nomination)

Menzi Ngubane Controversy

There were rumours that circulated on social media claiming that Menzi Ngubane was allegedly dead and in an interview with TshisaLive, his wife got a chance to set the record straight.

"He is well and very much alive. He has seen the posts and doesn't think they are funny. He's not happy and isn't taking it lightly. It (death) isn't something to joke about. What if someone thought he was actually dead?," she said at the time.

In 2020 it was rumoured that Menzi Ngubane had been shown the door by the producers on Isibaya, however that was not the case. Veteran actor Menzi Ngubane came out to set the record straight about his exit on Mzansi Magic's popular sudser, Isibaya.

His Manager Naomi Mokhele said

"There have been misinformed reports that Menzi was dumped by the producers of Isibaya, however, we would like to clarify that the character had run its course, and unfortunately if there is no story to be told the character will unfortunately die. Menzi is leaving Isibaya on a positive note having contributed to a great production, most importantly he entertained South Africans".

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Menzi Ngubane Philanthropy

Menzi Ngubane worked on a mentorship programme called Twelve Auspicious Gentlemen with Menzi which focuses on mentoring young boys and addressing the impact caused by social ills committed in communities.

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In celebration of his 53rd birthday, Menzi Ngubane decided to share his special moment with the less fortunate, taking to a children's home Ethembeni Home in Doornfontein of Johannesburg. The actor and his team purchased many scrumptious cakes, snacks and drinks for the kids to enjoy.

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Menzi Ngubane Net Worth

Menzi Ngubane's exact net worth is not known, but his impressive resume in the film industry must have had him earn lots over the years. 

The veteran actor is still keen on giving his fans and viewers every time he appears on screen. He confirmed that he is recuperating and hopefully he gets back to work soon.

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