Please tell Miguel we live in SOUTH Africa!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Miguel  | Top of The

Miguel must really love South Afirca. It's been less than 18 months since he was in the country performing and stealing the hearts of wives and girlfriends around Mzansi but it looks like he's ready to come back for round two. It's been officially announced today that the American R&B star will be making his way to Durban next month to perform at the MTV African Music Awards which takes place at the ICC on the 7th of June. 

Miguel spoke to the press and said, 

"What I love most about Africa is the people and the spirit there.  What makes me most proud to be involved in the MAMA is the feeling that my music has reached further than I imagined it could…it's inspiring.”

We're very happy that Miguel is coming back to SA, but could someone please inform these American musicians that we live in a country called SOUTH Africa, and not just "Africa." We're pretty sure Miguel won't be embarking on a wide tour, stopping in Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Burundi or the rest of Africa. He's coming to the MAMAs which will be held in Durban and the last time we checked, Durban was in South Africa. 

Don't get us wrong, Miguel is an amazing singer and to have him back on our shores is a pleasure. But when he goes to France he doesn't say "I'm happy to be in Europe" does he? Come on Migz! 

The announcement of Miguel's performance came as a bit of surprise, however from the very beginning MTV have promised us performances from international, local and African stars and it looks like they are living up to their billing. 

We may have some issues about Miguel's geography, but we're pretty sure that the moment he takes to the stage on the 7th of June all our issues will be forgotten; the man really is a performer. We just hope we don't see a repeat of what happened at last year's Billboard Music Awards!