Mihlali Finds Something Shocking In Her Car

She thought she was bewitched

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South African beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase had the most unusual day yesterday. While going about her business, as usual, she saw a cat stuck inside a car nearby.” Guys, so I was in Parkhurst earlier. And there was a kitten or a cat stuck inside the engine of a BMW.”

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After attending a meeting and running some errands, she came back and hear an unusual sound from inside her car.

“After her meeting, she gets back in her car and hears meow.” Shocked by this, the car guards tell her that they’ve also been hearing the sounds of a cat since she left her car. “I’m like what the F…k I jumped out of the car, I’m terrified. Firstly, I’m like are they bewitching me? What’s going on? And the car guards are like they’ve also been hearing a kitten since I left the car. I’m like I didn’t hear anything when I was driving. Turns out there’s a cat stuck in my car now and I don’t want to drive because I don’t want to kill it. I don’t know where it’s stuck – but it’s stuck somewhere. Yoh, I don’t have the energy for this. Now I’m waiting for someone to come to help me.”

The star eventually got help and they found a clowder of cats in the car. We’re not sure if she adopted them or gave them away. “After she eventually got help, they found a clowder of cats in her vehicle.”

Ndamase recently came from a getaway that left us green with envy. This past weekend she checked in at the Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa and served us with the content that we have signed up for. The influencer also brought her mother and little sister along. Her career has been on an upward trajectory ever since she burst onto the scene. At the beginning of the month, she announced that she had made it onto the 2021 Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 class.

To mark this massive achievement so early in her career, she reflected on how far she’s come and thanked Forbes for acknowledging her hard work.
“An African child’s story worth telling” This is evidence of God’s faithfulness in my life. Thank you @forbesafrica what an honour, I am so humbled to be recognised by such a prestigious platform. To my loves, my supporters... we did it, we are officially part of the FORBES family!” She said.

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Main Picture Credit: Mihlali Ndamase Instagram Account @mihlalii_n @yoosh_photog
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