Minnie Dlamini-Jones Wants Internet Trolls Exposed!

Vele, why should they be allowed to remain private?

By  | Jul 25, 2020, 07:45 AM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Top of The

South African media personality, Minnie Dlamini-Jones, has taken to Twitter to voice her grievances with the law that allows trolls to remain private if they have been reported. Minnie made reference to the fact that many people feel confident enough to expose people to violent threats and hateful speech on the internet, yet feel justified in expecting their privacy to be protected. 

She stated, “Many people hide behind their devices to bully others on social media, but it's getting out of hand. Rape and murder threats to a child???? These perpetrators need to be held accountable these threats are criminal and no child should endure such.”

Her comments came after she read a recent story of a 13-year-old girl receiving rape and death threats on Instagram, and having her perpetrator’s identity not being exposed due to his privacy. “…if anyone violates another's right to safety using criminal threats, they shouldn't be protected by the right to privacy, to evade accountability.”, she said.

Picture credit: Instagram