Minnie Dlamini's Looks Under Attack Yet Again

It appears scores of tweeps are quite not impressed with Intomb'Yomzulu

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Media personality and actress Minnie Dlamini's looks continues to be the under scrutiny as more tweeps continues to criticize her. Photographed during her movie premier 'The Honeymoon', Dlamini's looks came under fire as tweeps felt as though she was underwhelming.

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Minnie Dlamini continues to be under tweeps wrath where her looks are concerned. Recently, after posting her beautiful pictures on Twitter, The Honeymoon actress was met with a tough crowd yet again who attacked her looks with no mercy. In the past, Dlamini have been body shamed to no limits and publicly ridiculed for her divorce to ex husband, Quinton Jones.

"Ladies and gentlemen... Minnie Dlamini" wrote Tumi Phefo
During the premier of her upcoming movie 'The Honeymoon' that will be released at cinema's at the end of the month. Dlamini has been subjected to a constant trolling and torment, as scores of tweeps expressed their disappointments with her looks.

"Ai no.. I can't tell my younger self that this is the hun I crushed on back when she would say "hi my name is Minnie Dlamini, intombi yomZulu" she gave me chills. wharepen mara kodwa ngaye??" wrote Afrikan Chef
"how the mighty have fallen" wrote John Black
"Mother nature gave her beauty and youth........ now father time is busy taking it all away" wrote Mbongo Tako
Over time Minnie Dlamini have endured a long history of being body shamed wherever she shares her pictures of Twitter. Trolls always jumps into an opportunity to name and shame Dlamini at any given moment, also labelling her as a beauty has been.
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