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Minnie has a new single out, iNtaba

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Singer Minnie Ntuli of South African Idols fame has released her first single iNtaba.

Minnie is known for her collaborations with the likes of DJ Vumar and Prince Kaybee and now she is stepping into a new zone with her Afropop single that is set to get listeners dancing.

The radio and tv personality is no stranger to the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry, having started her journey to fame and fortune at a young age.

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Minnie shares that at the age of five years old she had dreams of singing to a packed stadium.

“I’ve realised that the dreams you have as a child are the most real because your mind is at its clearest at that age,” says Minnie.

ZAlebs caught up with the bubbly personality to get a better understanding of her journey in the entertainment industry, being a part of the Fees Must Fall movement and My Kitchen Rules where most South Africans were introduced to the powerhouse that she is.

Minnie says that her early start in the entertainment industry helped prepare her for her current journey.

"I learned very early how to spot empty promises from a mile away, how to handle trolls, how to hold my own," says Minnie adding that she also learned "the importance of constantly creating so your audience has something to consume. And most importantly to be disciplined."

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During her years at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) Howard College, was apart of Fees Must Fall campaign a time which saw her having to run away from home and go into hiding.

"Fees must fall was not an event it was a movement that started way before the year of 2016, it's just that at the time Our generation was not aware of the ultimate price that we would have to pay for free education," explains Minnie.

ZAlebs asked Minnie does she think that fees must fall succeeded or failed in its mission, which she responded by saying, "To answer your question if it failed or not, for me, I'd have to ask myself who did it fail and why."

"It failed those who did not benefit from the movement... students got tired, they had missed more than 5 months of school, institutions used fear to stop the movement, and no fee increment was introduced and later in the year free education for the poor was announced, the question became who do we defines the poor and why are we allowing people to define the poor for us because education was meant to be free for all," she continues.

After UKZN, Minnie took on the next challenge of her life by entering Idols South Africa in 2017, she later dropped out in the top 16.

Minnie explains that she dropped out because after having been in the auditioning circuit for so long she could not take rejection and was not scared of no’s. This, however, did take a knock on her confidence levels but she was able to raise her levels by entering My Kitchen Rules SA, where people got to know the real her.

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"Radio also got me excited about the industry again. Biggest props go to Princekaybee who boosted my confidence about being a musician and the possibilities that exist," says Minnie.

Minnie entered My Kitchen Rules SA, with a friend Tee and they made it all the way to the top 8. The cooking reality show opened up doors for both ladies with them being offered the 3 am to 6 am slot at East Coast Radio until they split and Minnie went to the Sunday line up.

The bubbly personality says the best part about being on the show was the "traveling" as she got to see so much of South Africa "for free".

"Many beautiful memories were made and I loved that south Africa fell in love with the real me and never had to be any else but me," she adds.

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Having worked with Prince Kaybee in 2019 on a track called Imbokodo, she now steps into her own with her new track Intaba produced by Prince Kaybee and features Sykes. Minnie admits this is definitely a different side of her and she is still finding herself but wants the country to grow with her.

A career in music is not easy, well that goes for any career as they all come with highs and lows.

"So it's my first ever single, and releasing during lockdown is not as easy as people think I had to quickly realize that any marketing strategy that is highly dependent on people is no marketing strategy at all," says Minnie.

She adds that "having a team that understands the industry and understands marketing has made things way smoother."

Her highlight so far is the amazing support she has received saying she is "truly humbled by it".

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Minnie has released her single under Prince Kaybee's record label Low Key Records and ZAlebs asked what made her decide that the label was the perfect place for her.

"Kaybee is a hard worker and a straight talker and allows me to be as creative as I want to be, it was also important to me to belong to a family that has no one who is like me, Rose is a queen in her own lane and the Afro brothers are kings holding their own... now that means everyone is prioritized equally," says Minnie.

"Lowkey was definitely a no brainer for me," she adds.

The singer has worked with a few artists in Mzansi but she does dream of working with soulful singer Ami Faku, Busiswa, and Shekhinah and outside of Mzansi Ed Sheeran "man we would make magic," she adds.

Minnie says that she doesn't have much of a creative process when it comes to making music, she goes with the flow. Her emotions help her create stories that everyone can relate to. She lets know that a full body of work is definitely something in the future plans so her fans will just have to wait.

Having to release music during the lockdown might leave some artists feeling uneasy and Minnie says that releasing music during the lockdown is harder than normal.

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"It requires creatives to think outside the box in order for consumers to prioritize your work," says Minnie.

The national lockdown has without a doubt left a dent on the pockets of many artists in the country with many being vocal about it.

"The entertainment industry is affected the most, no gigs no money. This is a wake-up call to many artists to think outside the box in order to survive," says Minnie.

Minnie's new single iNtaba was released on Friday and is currently available on all digital platforms and the singer says that fans can expect to go on a musical journey with her.

"I want my music to have magical powers... I want it to heal, make people love again, make people forgive each other, make people laugh and of cause make people dance," says Minnie.

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