Miss SA 2021 Lalela Mswane Lands In Israel

She will represent Mzansi at the Miss Universe Pageant

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Miss South Africa 2021, Lalela Mswane's dream of competing in the Miss Universe pageant was nearly dashed, after calls for Miss SA to boycott the Miss Universe ceremony grew.

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This is due to the excruciating history of apartheid in Israel, thus many urged her to withdraw from participating in the international pageant. Proving that she is unstoppable, the beauty queen recently jetted off to Israel and she was beaming with excitement. In a statement, Mswane confirmed that she will still participate in the Miss Universe pageant.

"It is with so much gratitude that I prepare to represent my beautiful South Africa at the 70th Miss Universe competition," she said.

"Being Miss South Africa is not only an honour but also a huge responsibility and I am determined to serve our country proudly in the best way that I can

Beyond being granted a national platform during my reign to have a wider reach when tackling the economic and social issues which I have committed myself to, the title also comes with the opportunity to represent our country on an international platform along with women from all walks of life, all coming together to affect positive change in the causes they are passionate about and advocate for." she continued.

"I stand today as an empowered woman because of so many before me who fought for our voices to be heard. I feel my duty is to do the same for the women of the past, the women of today and the women to come."

Mswane further thanked all those who have supported her throughout her journey. "There is no greater time to shed light on issues affecting women, to choose courage over comfort and to be steadfast in my beliefs regarding the advancement of women and our rights. I view my participation in the pageant as a unique opportunity to not only do just that but to also be part of, and hopefully contribute to, a process of dialogue and peace. I am deeply thankful to all the amazing people who have supported and uplifted me and brought me joy and comfort during the lead up to this moment. I wish to compete with the support of South Africans and do my country proud."

The model shared pictures from the first day of Miss Universe in Israel on her Instagram account.

In a statement by the DAC on Sunday last week, the government distanced itself from the pageant organisers and their decision to take part in the controversial event.

"The South African government withdraws its support and that of South Africa for the Miss South Africa pageant following the latter’s intransigence and disregard of advice against partaking in the Miss Universe pageant scheduled to be held in Israel during the month of December 2021.

What during initial consultations appeared like engaging, constructive and progressive discussions, was later met with an unpleasant demeanour that is intransigent and lacking appreciation of the potential negative impact of such a decision on the reputation and future of a young black woman." the statement on the DAC website reads.  
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