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Reality TV star Mome Mahlangu and her husband Tol S Mo are living their best lives. Mome recently took to Instagram to show off their brand new house. 
"I wake up with Gratitude cause Mercy rewrote my life, It may have taken us time to find it but we are here now, " she wrote.

She said they bought a house in a private estate with 3 Hectors of land, "#Mahlanguville 2 a smallholding with 5 properties... 1 hector for the family home, 1 hector for the animals, looking at planting half of Moringa to create more wellness products for your health. The other half will be for vegetables."

She said she is already looking forward to buying another house, "The prayer for the 3rd home by the beach has kick-started in the meantime let’s enjoy modern farm life and pay our tax to create sustainable wealth."
Last month, Mome announced that her husband  Tol A*s Mo accepted his spiritual calling. Taking to Instagram, she wrote: "A few months back we welcomed home Mahambahlega (meaning u make people laugh ) drums rolled all night in the middle of our estate in Sandton after 6 months of a spiritual journey and healing family generations welcome home, we tried to run from it for years until they came," she wrote.

She said they tried to run from it for years until they came, "One of the most hectic journeys to travel with strangers for you to live. I believe in every family there is Sekwama, but your calling is not a conference call, it’s your calling and it will keep calling you.”

She also opened up to TshisaLive about the journey. She told the publication that Mo was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

“I was the one who took my husband to a psychiatric hospital in November last year thinking that he was going crazy. He slept there for two weeks and I'd wonder what's going on ... the two weeks that he spent there I was praying with my sister. When he came out of there he was not OK."

She also told the publication, “It first started at home and I thought, he's just talking to himself ... When it first happened I called my sister and told her I need to pray ... we'd give him sleeping pills and he wouldn't sleep,” she says.

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