Moshe Ndiki's Last R30 Opened Doors For Him

Two loose cigarettes and wine opened doors for the comedian

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Comedian Moshe Ndiki opens up about being in the darkest and most desperate times of his life as an unemployed graduate. The You Promised To Marry Me host is indebted to loose cigarettes and a cheap bottle of wine, which opened a golden opportunity for him.

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The star who gained his overnight success through YouTube opened up about the struggles of being an unemployed graduate on The Nescafe Grind Sessions Episode 2. The talk show is hosted by the bubbly presenter Hulisani Ravele and gives guests the opportunity to talk about social media influence.

On the episode Hulisani was joined by Moshe Ndiki, Jess Van Heerden & Lerato Sengadi who went into detail about the advantages of social media.

A few years ago, the hilarious Moshe Ndiki's videos circulated all over social media, and his rise to stardom was instant. But it was not all rosy as he had struggled financially before making it big.

"I was a media studies graduate. So three years after being in varsity I thought maybe I could get a job or you know the most I can do is attend an audition or just get discovered like Charlize Theron like she did at the bank and what not.

"Life had other plans and the industry had other plans for me. So I was like 'what can I do?'. So as a very broke and unemployed (graduate) I had the last R30 and I deposited my rent money into the wrong account so I was very stressed. Took my last R30 and I bought the cheapest wine I could find and two loose cigarettes," said the actor.

Moshe said he shot a video when he got home but only uploaded it the next day. The cheap R25 wine have him a very bad hangover but a friend told him to upload the video on YouTube. A skeptical Moshe then took his friend's advice and the rest is history.

"A friend of mine came to visit me and was like 'dude let's upload this on YouTube' and I was like 'Isn't that for Brittney and Beyoncé?"

To his surprise his video gained a lot of traction and he became very famous. Moshe believes that his raw and authenticity allowed people to connect with his content.

"We uploaded it but we expected like two views just for that one video but we got like 1 500 views and in two weeks time we had like 10 000 views and we had so many subscribers. The beautiful thing about that is people liked the content I put out because it was genuine and it was authentic. I was literally telling them about my journey and how I was unemployed."

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