Moshidi Motshegwa Breaks Bank

The actress was too expensive for #TheRiver

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Exploitation is quite a rife sport in the creative industry. We have witnessed our beloved celebrities not getting what is due to them as they are often told that "You're doing it for exposure", which is a tad unfair because these creatives are essentially rendering a service of which they expect to be paid for.

...But there's another form of exploitation - being underpaid. Just like in any industry, when one has garnered invaluable experience, their contribution to the company (in this case, production) will most likely assist in maintaining and delivering that quality factor. That individual naturally doesn't come cheap hence they would be what we consider legends or veterans. That kind of raw and refined talent comes at a hefty price.

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South African revered actress, Moshidi Motshegwa is one such talent that would slightly bend any production's budget. Loyal viewers of 1Magic's, The River were left sorely disappointed when Moshidi mentioned that she won't be returning to season two of the show. Citing bad blood between herself and the show's producers.

Speaking to Sunday Sun, Moshidi spoke candidly about her brutal exit from the show:

''First he(Executive Producer) said i am too expensive, then he wanted to diminish me. In October last year I was told(that) I was going to be offered a contract for season two and on 1 December, I signed it, but on 21 December, I was told(that) my contract was not valid as my character no longer had a story.

Moshidi continued to add: 

''What they did to me was cruel. I could not even say goodbye to some of the cast members.''

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According to the article, it was implied that Moshidi isn't all innocent in this whole saga as there were various sources that spoke to the publication, stating that the director wasn't too pleased with her off screen attitude as she was perceived as being a diva. It was also alleged that Moshidi had a bad tendency of amending the script, of which irked the director.

Creative differences can sure drive a production to the ground if not managed properly. One could never tell how the future might pan out for Moshidi in The River however we remain excited about her future moves outside of this production.

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