The most respected radio couple: Mapaseka and Thabo Mokwele

The Mokwele's are not only the most respected but our favourite power couple too.

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Mapaseka and Thabo Mokwele

It's uncalled for to find a couple working together and having their relationship unhindered, but for Thabo and Mapaseka, as they have done it from the beginning, they're relationship has only grew stronger.

The couple first met while they were working at Metro FM, and are still a married couple that works at Kaya FM together and although they might work for the same company, having separate slots has helped them separate their romantic life from their personal life.

Earlier this year the couple joined Anele on RealTalk on SABC 3 speaking on their relationship and Mapaseka shared that T-bose and Thabo were not the same person to her.

“T-bose works at Kaya FM, Thabo is married to Mapaseka” she said.

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Although it might be expected for a spouse to be supportive, it seems that Mapaseka has topped that lable as she goes overboard by listening to his show each time he goes on air. Thabo went on to reveal that his wife and mother of his children is her biggest fan.

“If you ask me who’s my biggest fan in the world, I would say it’s this girl here [referring to wife sitting next to him]”  Thabo said.

Like two peas in a pod the couple are both talented in the field that they are in and continue to be supportive to one another, and because they have managed to thrive in their relationship, they have went on to host seminars like ' Me for you' for couples, giving insight on 'the do's', 'the don'ts' and the 'how to's'

Many relationships could learn a lot from this couple as while their relationship might be in the spotlight and even working in the same environment, they have managed to still stay supportive together and grow stronger.

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