Mothusi Magano: The man behind the 'I am Sbu' Chicken Licken ad

Mothusi's role on the advert has caught the attention 

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He is a well-known actor but this particular ad has reminded many of what a great performer the man is.

A couple of years ago, Mothusi Magano was probably one of the most disliked actors on television because of the character he portrayed on Scandal!

Mothusi played the role of 'Dustbin Man' aka Phemello on Scandal! 

He played the character so well that he even made it onto our list of actors we love to hate.


But there's a new character he's portrayed as of date, and he goes by the name of Sbu, a science teacher in a Chicken Licken advert who creates a robot of himself to fill in for him whenever the Chicken Licken craving hits.


The commercial, which aired earlier on in the month of April has become a topic of discussion with many South African viewers.

So much so that an illustration of the character was created as well.


While some people raved about the advert...

....others thought that the commercial was a bit scary.

Some viewers were even confused about how Sbu's wife couldn't recognize that the man she was sleeping next to is not her husband but the robot.

Yeah, others took it there.


Sbu, aka Mothusi was also a part of the Oscar-winning cast members of Tsotsi which was released back in 2005.


What are your thoughts of the advert?

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