Dr Musa Is Ready To Welcome His Baby Girl

Go time is in three years

By  | Dec 23, 2021, 07:14 PM  | Musa Mthombeni  | Top of The

Musa Mthombeni and Liesl Laurie
You would be hard pressed to find a man in Mzansi who celebrates his wife as much as Dr Musa Mthombeni celebrates Liesl Laurie. And now it seems like the handsome doctor is ready to take their relationship to the next level. 
The two lovebirds got married in August 2021, in a beautiful white ceremony that had Mzansi reaching for the tissues. And he has been gushing about her nonstop. It is quite adorable that he thinks everything she does is magic, and he regularly posts on social media about how lucky he is to have her. In fact, he once said marrying her was the best decision he has ever made, and frankly, if it’s not like that, I don’t want it. 

But the doctor recently threw a spanner into the works when he asked Liesl for a baby. They have only been married a short time, but it seems like he is warming up to the idea of having kids together. 
Musa recently shared a picture of a beautiful baby girl on his Instagram stories. He then tagged Liesl in the post, saying he wants one just like her in the next three years. Talk about a man with a plan! 

The baby fever seems to be coming in strong, and we cannot blame him. Seriously, have you seen that little girl? She is absolutely adorable. There is no doubt that the two would make stunning babies too, and if they are ready, Mzansi is certainly ready for some Mthombeni kids. 
The doctor stays largely unproblematic. In fact, if you can count on Dr Musa saying anything online, it is that he will be gushing over his wife. Weirdly enough, this got many in Mzansi irritated after a while, saying it was becoming too much and he needs to tone it down multiple degrees. 
The media personality was livid that there were people who would be angry at him for loving his wife out loud. He went on a rant on social media, saying that all he ever does is wake up and love his wife, but people insist on bullying him for some reason. 

"Surely some of you here practice witchcraft, surely. Me loving someone surely shouldn’t make you this angry and sad. Niyahlanya [are y'all mad?] Please see someone if you’re going through something. Dirt one side. What do they say? Love and light!" he retorted at those who lashed out, telling him he was behaving like a teenage boy who was dating for the first time. 
Insulting someone for showing love to his wife is certainly a weird hill to choose to die on. I mean, people are trolled for not showing enough affection to their significant others, and now it looks like it’s an issue whether you do it or not. 

It’s great, though, that Dr Musa and Liesl don’t let the hate get to them. Their relationship seems truly wholesome and is inspirational to many. We can’t wait to see what Liesl will have to say about the proposal to have kids! 

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