"Beamer Gang Where You At?"

These celebrities own BMW's

By  | Feb 15, 2022, 10:00 AM  | Naak MusiQ  | Top of the

Naak Musiq/Jo-Ann Strauss
At this point, it goes without saying that our celebrities are all about living it big. Time and time again, we have seen them reward themselves with the most luxurious of cars that always leaves heads turning. 

And while we have already covered celebrities who have the most expensive cars here in Mzansi, how about we look at those who are part of the Beamer gang.


At the top of the list is none other than Supa Mega who boasts of quite a number of BMW’s and it seems, he will not be leaving the Beamer gang anytime soon.

He recently added to his collection a BMW i8 that cost him up to R1.3 million. Not only that, but Mega also owns a BMW x5 and x6. And because the cars in his collection are Beamers, we can only imagine that so will his next one if it is not already. 

It was just the other day when the rapper hogged headlines for apparently ditching one of his BMW’s just so he could ride in his i8. Now if that does not prove just how much he loves his Beamers, oh wait, his i8, then I don’t know what will.

Somizi Mhlongo

I know what you’re thinking, didn’t Somgaga lose his BMW i8 that one time when he had to pay off SARS? Well once a Beamer, always a Beamer. This was after he took to his social media to announce that he was going to be buying a R6 million house. 

That was when the taxman came knocking. I mean, how do you not pay your taxes and still announce that you’re buying a luxury home? Come on Somgaga. Unfortunately that seems to be the only BMW ever owned but still boasts of other luxury cars. 

Naak Musiq

Other than recently making headlines for his long awaited knockout with Cassper, motor heads will be happy to know that Naak is also part of the Beamer gang. 

In his very impressive car collection is one BMW M6 Gran Coupe that costs around R1.8 million. In 2020, the artist also purchased a BMW M5 that costs roughly R900 000. See, having money is not such a bad thing yeah?

My personal favorite is his BMW Classic 3 series that ranges from R500 000 to R900 000. Now this Zaleb is most definitely a true Beamer fan. 

Jo-Ann Strauss

Now there is nothing as absolutely sexy as a beautiful woman in an equally beautiful ride. And that is the exact definition of the former Miss SA who also happens to be the BMW South Africa! Which automatically means that she is part of the Beamer family. 

Just the other day, the media personality took to her social media to announce a BMW giveaway and you can already imagine how fans were beyond themselves. This is not the first time she has been helping the German brand push their automobiles and it is a beautiful sight to see how much she loves what she does. 

Keep winning queen!

Lasizwe Dambuza

Next up on the list is YouTube sensation Sweerie, who just the other day wowed fans after he rewarded himself with a Beamer on his birthday. I mean how many of his agemates today can afford such a luxurious whip?

This just goes to show that it does not matter how much Black Twitter keeps hating on the influencer, he continues winning and chasing that bag. We love to see it. 

Must be nice though to wake up on your birthday and decide that you’re in the mood for a Beamer and just like that, it’s in your garage. Sheesh!

Nomcebo Zikode

It was during that time when the Jerusalema hitmaker was getting tons of rave reviews from all over the world that the artists decided to celebrate her win with a new set of wheels. 

Taking to her Instagram, Nomcebo took to her Instagram to share a video of her in her new ride and fans and industry mates could not be more happy and proud of her. One thing is for sure, the beautiful whip looks absolutely good on her and that is no flattery. 

This was one of her biggest breaks in the industry and it is good to see that she took her time to celebrate herself for her wins and even those to come. Well done sis!

Which of these Zalebs is the ultimate Beamer fan? 

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