Exclusive Interview: Nasty C On His New Track, Zulu Man And Rapping In Vernac

The rapper dropped some dope vernac bars, and fans are in awe!

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Multi-platinum rapper Nasty C, has finally released his high energy track Zulu Man. The song is from his his forthcoming and much-anticipated album, Zulu Man With Some Power. The single was released today, and fans are in awe of his Zulu verses.

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ZAlebs recently caught up with Nasty C, who is undoubtedly one of the country's best rappers, as he shared some deets on working on this track. The award-winning rapper says he started working on his up-coming album tracks about 2 to 3 years ago.

He says this song is about his rise to stardom and all the curve-balls he had to conquer thrown his way.

"It's about my comeup, struggles and stuff that we had to go through coming up me and my friends," he explains.

Nasty C says working on this single was great, and he tried to showcase his creativity and how versatile he is.

The song which is his first Zulu track as an established artist, features some dope vernacular verses and he pays homage to those who helped him rise to stardom and being an inspiration to the kids in his township.

Nasty C says he decided to have more vernacular verses on his album because people used to slam him for rapping only in English and he wanted to showcase his distinctive Zulu verses " As a township boy from Illovu, I felt it was befitting for me to rap in vernac especially because this track is about my struggles and how my hood has inspired me to achieve the greatest," he says.

The multi-award winning rapper who will drop his album on August 28 says, fans can expect a lot of great music from his anticipated album Zulu Man With Some Power.
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"They can expect a lot of good music, nothing too intense just some really dope music. I tried to really test my creative muscles and I hope they will appreciate and love it."

Listen to the song HERE

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