Ne-Yo Impressed by South African App Maker

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 A black owned service digital agency known as APPME has received the support of international R&B singer/ songwriter Ne-Yo who signed up for the application while he was in South Africa during the launch of Mainstays Malibu Red cocktail.

Ne-Yo was said to be so impressed by the service and functionality of the application that he wasted no time in signing up to APPME. The digital service agency is owned by 28 year old Mervyn Naidoo who explained the diversity and creativeness of their app and how it so unique from other aged agencies.

“Many reputable and aged agencies “do digital” however, few offer a strategic insight with creative ideas to live across the multitude of digital channels. Our strength is diversity which allows us to have a multidimensional view of digital.”

Mervyn also expressed how their youthful and charismatic approach to everyday life separates their APP from the rest.

“We are young, vibrant and energetic about what we do, we use our imaginations every day and we love doing what we do and it shows”

Local artist and producer Blayze is said to be the first South African Artist to release his mobile app through APPME. APPME is a force to be reckoned with as they’re already launching in the United States through hip hop label Maybach Music which is founded by the larger than life rapper – Rick Ross.

APPME is currently the most affordable rental application system in the world and is also used by companies such as Reach for a Dream Foundation as well as the Signature Restaurant in Morningside.

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