Niniola's Maradona gets a South African twist!

Niniola's 'Maradona' was one of South Africa's biggest imports and was the soundtrack of many parties last year. 

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Maradona gets a South African twist

The song which speaks about a woman confronting her man for being a 'player' (hence, Maradona, don't worry I watched the video and connected the dots) has been a crowd favourite even before December time. 

The issue with the song though was people not being able to sing along to some parts of it because, well, the language was unfamiliar. 

Vth Season heard the cries of South African's and decided to put Nigerian artist Eternal and Amanda Faku together for this South African cover of Maradona

The song doesn't go too far from the original in terms of subject matter (Amanda Faku shares her problems with a man who isn't faithful in her native Xhosa tongue) and the beat is just recreated with the same vibe of the original with just a touch of SA. Now, this is something that South African's can sing to. 

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