UthandoNesthembu: MaYeni An Unbothered Wife

She really knows how to mind her own business

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Nokukhanya "MaYeni" Mseleku  | Top of The

The Mseleku wives are undoubtedly one of the most entertaining wives on television, and the gag is that they're not even trying too hard to be funny but are merely just living their lives.

Thursday night's episode highlighted the long-awaited wedding between the first wife - MaCele and Musa Mseleku.

The preparation of the wedding was marred with a lot of drama which included MaCele's meltdown caused by the drama surrounding her wedding kist, amongst many other glitches that got her in a very sour mood.

This week, we eventually got the opportunity to witness her celebrate her special day, which also came with a lot of drama.

The first altercation of the day was when MaCele expressed her annoyance towards her sister-wives MaKhumalo & MaNgwabe who went against traditional customs when they entered the Mseleku Kraal without MaCele or the family's consent.  According to culture, sister-wives are not permitted to do so. The act did not settle well with MaCele and she, of course, did not hold back in mentioning how much the other sister-wives annoyed her.

However, MaYeni, on the other hand, was not about that life, she, throughout out the entire wedding was minding her own business and showed no interest throughout the entire show.

From the beginning, MaYeni was of the view that attending her husband's wedding was an act that did not make sense to her, hence her choice to stay clear from the ongoing processes of the ceremony.

MaYeni was so cool, calm and collected; you would've thought that Musa was not her husband.

In fact, the only time she did take part in the ceremony was when she had to sit in place of Musa's late mother during the presenting of gifts to the Mseleku family.

That also made viewers extremely happy as some consider MaYeni to be the first wife and not MaCele.

Viewers commended MaYeni for her unbothered nature and how she constantly minds her own business.

We can't wait to see what next week's episode will have in store for us. However, we have a terrible feeling that the episode will be a tear-jerking one as Musa gives his daughter, Sne, some tough love.

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