Nokuthula Mabika's close relationship with her father

Nokuthula's father was a bit worried about her career as an actress.

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But seeing her daughter's passion for the craft and witnessing her succeed in her role as Thobile on Uzalo has brought great joy  in his heart.

Speaking to ZAlebs in a recent interview, the actress expressed how proud her father is of her since she chose to follow her dreams as an actress.

"My father is so proud, I think my dad has supported me throughout my career. If you're an artist at some point in your career, your parents become a bit skeptical of your career path. But my father, throughout the whole thing, has been very supportive. He would say, 'you know I worry about you and how do you survive?'

So I think it's worrying for them (parents) to see you get a job and then the next minute you don't have a job and then the next minute you're asking for money for toiletries."

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The actress mentioned that her father did sit her down and mentioned that although he was supportive of her career as an actress, he feared about how she'd sustain herself in such an uncertain career path. But she assured him that she'd be ok.

"I told him that he must trust me and that I was going to do it and succeed. He was very happy about that, especially when I told him that I had gotten the job on Uzalo."

What's interesting is that Thobile had kept her job on Uzalo a secret from her father for months on end, but when she eventually told him, it was a celebration.

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