Nolu Malope: On her mother Rebecca and her businesses

Like mother like daughter, Rebecca' s daughter Nolu is striding strong in the industry.

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Nolu Malope to  host Married In A Flash

Nolu has the strentgh of her mom, and she is looking to create a path of her own in the industry. 

Noluthando Malope was just 6 years old when her biological mother passed away and sister to her mother gospel sensation Rebecca Malope stepped in and adopted her children (Nolu being one of them). Nolu says she’s never really felt the void or felt the need to adapt to any changes as Rebecca has always been like a second mom to her.

Speaking to Zalebs Nolu revealed that “For us as kids there wasn’t a difference really, she [Rebecca]  was already mothering us, the only difference was that now our other mother - cause we kind of had two mothers - was no longer there.”

Nolu Malope and Rebecca Malope

Rebecca and Nolu have always had a great relationship and she has always respected her as her mother “We’ve always had that relationship, even when our mother was still alive.”

Having parents in the arts, Nolu tells us that her parents always urged her to create her own path, she also revealed that because the arts are not stable for a career, she needed to find something that she could do in business but something that she was still passionate about.

As I was growing up and learning about the industry, I learnt about artist management, which is something linked to the art but it’s behind the scenes,” she said.

Nolu Mapolone

Nolu is the founder and MD of a PR and artist management agency Artistry Talent Management, she has managed quite a number of artists in the industry, including her mother Rebecca Malope and although one would think working with family might be hard, Nolu said she found it easier to work with family.

 “I find it easier to work with family than with strangers, with family we know each other...artists management is about people management first and when you know the person inside out, you know when they having a bad day, you know what they like, you know what they don’t and you know what type of decisions they would make.”

The artist went on to add that she doesn't separate her mother from her artist because it works best for them that way "when I do see her as my mom and as my artist at the same time, and she also takes me as her daughter and her manager at the same time, it also allows us to see that I have her best interest at heart” she added.

Nolu Malope
NoluMAlope / Instagram

The mother to a son, comes from a very religious background  where Christian values were instilled in her and she still believes and applies them in her everyday life with her family as well, and that's what OneGospel saw in her, she perfectly fits into the brand “It's who I am at the core of my being," she said.

The presenter and businesswoman is a person with many talents, placed top 20 in the country for popstars Nolu she has not gifted us with her vocals but she says you can expect something from her in music later in 2018.

"I have recorded a couple of things, just privately for myself cause I love music and its something that I’d like to's something that I’m definitely going into in 2018, which is definitely releasing music."

Even though she is still discovering her sound, Nolu says that you should expect something from her in gospel and soul, Nolu added that once she's comfortable and confident with her music, she'll introduce her music to the public.

Nolu who was recently appointed as the presenter of Married in A Flash on SABC 3  says that the gig will not stop her business “I have a running office, with no disturbance, whether I’m there or not” technology keeps her upbeat and she is excited to be presenting this show.

What I love about it is that it forms a part of my values and marriage is something that's very important and very secret” she said "I feel like I'm at a wedding a wedding every's something that I really love and believe in" Nolu added.

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