7 times Nomuzi Mabena proved that she's a big deal

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Halala! Mzansi will finally get a taste of Nomuzi Mabena's music. It was announced that the MTV Base VJ will feature on KidX's new single called Se7en, which will drop next Friday.

The announcement got a lot of fans excited, with some already predicting that it'll be a success.

How can it not be a hit though? I mean Nomuzi always brings it in everything that she does. The girl has already proven that she's a big deal. So, in celebration of her new jam, I've listed the Se7en times she's proven to me that she is the real deal. 

1. Rocking that bald head look

Not a lot of people, including myself, can confidently walk around with no hair. But guess what? That's Nomuzi's signature style and she's been rocking it for years. She's proven to some of us that you really don't need fake hair for people to take you seriously.

2. Look, I'm a model


GJC x PREVIDAR 👑 previdar.com

A photo posted by Nomuzi Mabena (@moozlie) on

Not only does she have great skills as a presenter, but she also makes a damn good model. Forget about Kendall Jenner, Nomuzi Mabena is the kind of celebrity South Africa needs to be keeping eyes on.

3. Skhanda Queen

Yes, she's now the first lady of Cashtime Life which means she has a strong team behind her. Imagine having K.O. as a mentor? I can already tell that Moozlie's music career will flourish simply because she's in the right hands. 

4. Queen of the red carpet

Whether it's a local event like the South African Music Awards, or a huge international ceremony like the MTV Music Awards, you can count on your girl Nomuzi to bring all the action. I'm a little jealous, she really has the coolest job ever!

5. Teaching Wiz Khalifa how to use a selfie stick

Did I mention that she has the coolest job ever? Not only did she interview the rapper, she also gave him his first selfie stick experience. So cool.

6. Fashion killer


I don't know how you do it but you do it so well! @trevor_stuurman😎👌 #mtvmama #swaggie

A photo posted by Nomuzi Mabena (@moozlie) on

What I really love about Nomuzi is the fact that she's in a league of her own. She's running her own race and is not trying to compete with or become anybody but herself. When it comes to fashion she takes risks and never really plays it safe. That's sometimes difficult to do and I commend her for that.

7. All around fun person


@sway_sandton doin the damn thang...😝 #PowerCircle👑

A photo posted by Nomuzi Mabena (@moozlie) on

There are many uptight people out there and I'm glad that Nomuzi is not one of them. I've heard nothing but good things about her and she's one of the few celebs I'd definitely party with.

I hope you all love Nomuzi as much as I do, and I can't wait to hear her music in a week's time! While we all wait, why don't you check out all the cool celebrities who were at DJ Sbu's Mofaya listening session, including Zahara, Kelly Khumalo and loads more!

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