Moozlie speaks on beef in the industry and working with her bae

Moozlie is all about securing the bag with her boyfriend.

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Nomuzi 'Moozlie' Mabena

Rapper and television presenter Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena has been striding in the industry since day one, but the higher you climb up the ladder the bigger the battles. However, Moozlie says that she is not about to be bothered by the ‘beef’ in the game or people concerned about her working with her bae.

Speaking to SlikourOnLife, Moozlie opened up about clearing the air with rapper Nadia Nakai over the phone, saying that she had no idea that they had anything to squash.

“I was just like, it’s ok it’s cool, cause there was never really any beef there for me and I never also felt attacked so I didn’t get into defense mode. For me it was just like: ‘Where did that come from, that was a little awkward,’ so when she did hit me up, it was like cool, we’ve never really been friends but we were always cool enough for her to like, hit me up and be like: ‘yo, I heard you did such and such.”

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Moozlie went on to add that she doesn’t understand people who do not like her as she felt that she had a relatable character and didn’t like ‘beefing.’

“For me, that's not really who I am, I always just feel like, if you have a problem with me, it just means you haven't taken a second to come talk to me cause I’m really not that type of a person and even at the time that it was happening I was just in another place, it was like, let's keep it moving...I really love the fact that in South Africa, we have a lot of young, really fierce females that are not afraid to force themselves to be at the table..”

The rapper is known to be managed by her boyfriend who she’s been with for almost three years and still stresses that they know how to work hard and best with each other.

“He’s always been an artist manager, I think a lot of the time people in relationships work with one another, it’s out of necessity.

Sbu has always been an artist manager, he worked with ‘Lez [Da Lez] before me, and worked with Aka before that, he worked with Teargas. He’s got so much experience and I’m also an artist and I’m a boss and I’m independent and I’m a Virgo, and I’m a woman. So I’m really on top of my stuff, it just works somehow, we understand that when it works it works...we have a common goal."

Apart from the everyday boss conversations that the couple might have, Moozlie says that she is excited to see their relationship grow old because they genuinely love each other

"I’m his first artist that has really given him full range, over what this thing can become, so he has a lot to lose. We work very effectively, I think I’ve never had a better manager, he’s set me up for life, he gives me ideas that most people wouldn’t see, he also understands what it means to manage a female artist. He is very supportive and he’s very important to the game, we’re gonna be that OG couple, imagine the SAMA’s in fifty years and me and Sbudah pull up, you guys are not ready for that...we all really genuinely love each other…"[sic]

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