Nomvelo Makhanya Exposes Scandal!

The actress is not holding back while revealing that she was in toxic working environment

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After much speculations around Nomvelo Makhanya exiting etv's Scandal as Lindiwe Ngema. The actress finally breaks her silence while exposing some of the darkest secrets that happens behind closed doors.

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The SAFTA award-winning actress Nomvelo Makhaya is not holding back as she exposes some the hardship she has endured following her exit on etv's Scandal. Reportedly, Makhanya was said to have left the show because she has chosen love over her career. It was reported that her boyfriend soon to be husband was not thrilled with the kissing scenes.

Following which the boyfriend gave Makhanya an ultimatum to either choose their serious relationship or her career. However, going live on Instagram, Makhanya left no stones unturned as she clears her name from all the rumors surrounding her exit on the show.

"And I feel like futhi ngizokhuluma, anginandaba. That I have been the one that has been catching the fucking smoke, with these people like 'she left the job', It wasn't me guys, it wasn't my choice nginitshele, they wrote me off. That's the truth, that's the truth. I was actually thinking about it the other day and I was like 'actually fuck it' I am so tired of it being me. I am so tired of catching all the smoke. It wasn't me, it wasn't my choice" said Nomvelo Makhanya

Makhanya also reveals that her exit from the Scandal! was all God's plan because she has been praying for it to come to an end. Even though she also emphasizes that it was never her choice to leave. However, leaving the show was something that she has been praying on for far too long.

It was God's plan though, Imma tell you that for real, coz I have been praying but it wasn't my choice. But if you can understand those two things, that choice mekungasiyona eyami but isenzo sankulunkulu, imkhuleko mekweyami. I have been wanting to leave, I have been wanting to leave that place. For me it was something I have been praying about. When it finally happened it really really felt like God was removing me from that toxic, toxic environment" said Nomvelo Makhanya

We often hear artists ending up taking their own lives because of many reason that happens in the industry. However, for Makhanya to hint that there was a very high chance of her killing herself because of her acting career and being on Scandal!, that is true testament that a lot goes behind closed doors as a result of artists ending up committing suicides.

"Ngicishe ngafa and I am sure bengizophuma ebhokisini, I probably would have killed myself, I probably. There was an eighty... ninety percent chance, that's how toxic that place was" said Nomvelo Makhanya

Makhanya breaking her silence has put a number of rumors to rest, including that she prioritized her relationship for her career.  The SAFTA award-winning actress is not planning on going back to acting anytime soon, as she also revealed on the Instagram live.

“I’m definitely not looking to be going into any soapie work anytime soon…I want to explore other things & being on a soapie won’t give me the time to do what I want. But also, if it’s part of God’s plan for me to be on a soapie, I’d probably stay for 6-12 months max" said Nomvelo Makhanya

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