Nomzamo Mbatha, Sizwe Dhlomo & More Support Bayede Dawg

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Every now and then the world of celebrity and politics converge. Recently, this convergence has happened as a result of the reigning in of the new king of the amaZulu and abaNguni King Misizulu ka Zwelithini. In the world of politics the preoccupation has been on the matter of who is meant as the rightful king to sit on the throne. 

But for the world ZAlebs and the general public, it has always been clear that royalty bae King Misizulu is the rightful successor. Therefore as Saturday, 20 August 2022 came and King Misizulu was ready to perform the sacred ritual of Ukungena Esibayeni, which is the isiZulu term referring to the welcoming of the new king into the kraal of kings. The public and fellow isiZulu speaking and identifying ZAlebs took to the timeline to celebrate the new dawn. 

From King Misizulu to Bayede Dawg

For the past year and some months, KIng Misizulu has been referred to as such, with his other nicknames being that of endearment. But earlier this week the term Bayede Dawg surfaced on our timelines and has remained as one of the top trends in South Ah since. As the term has now been co-opted and understood to refer to King Misizulu, Twitter has made it a mission to credit the creator of the term, Buhle Xulu. 

Taking to the blue app on Tuesday, 16 August 2022, @boohley made it clear with her post that she always supported the king since day one referring to him as Bayede Dawg. Since then, the term has now become synonymous to King Misizulu, as underground gang is to ancestors and Nelly M is to Nelson Mandela. A fact which has led to personalities like Pearl Thusi advocating that Xulu be credited for the term, while also showing support for Bayede Dawg or BD when abbreviated. 
Nomzamo Mbatha, Sizwe Dhlomo & More Support Bayede Dawg

Besides Thusi, there have been fellow Zulu popular media personalities that have publicly showed their support for Bayede Dawg as the current reigning king of amaZulu. Some of the most prominent names include: 

  1. Nomzamo Mbatha

Nomzamo Mbatha has a vested interest in not only supporting Bayede Dawg but being vocal over matters surrounding amaZulu. This is as the actress and businesswoman is currently in production as the lead actress and executive producer for the remake of the hit biopic series Shaka Zulu. A project which was honoured with a visit and subsequent endorsement by Bayede Dawg. 
  1. Sizwe Dhlomo

While Sizwe Dhlomo has not shared any pictures or stories as of yet suggesting that he is met Bayede Dawg. He was also one of the amaZulu to take to social media to showcase his support for BD. 
  1. Big Zulu

As the frontman and owner of iNkabi Records, it would have not left the right message if Big Zulu did not come out publicly to support Bayede Dawg. A fact he ensured by following suit sharing his support for the Zulu king. 
  1. Nandi Madida 

Royalty recognises royalty in this instance as Nandi Madida made sure she joins the bandwagon of amaZulu who proudly support the ushering of Bayede Dawg once and for all as the reigning king of amaZulu. 
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