Nonhle Thema gets candid about her spiritual journey

Nonhle is in a very good space in her life and we’re here for that!

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Nonhle Thema is now a fully-fledged woman, who knows who she is and what her purpose is. She’s been through quite a lot in the last few years – from social media meltdowns to her battle with depression. Through it all, the media personality has managed to pick herself up and use her experiences to help others.

The starlet was recently on Trending SA, where she spoke candidly about her journey in the entertainment industry and where she is now, she also opened up about her spiritual journey. The mother of one explained that her depressions started when she was around 23-years-old.

Speaking about her healing process, she said: “I think I also, through my Twitter meltdown I realised I was not happy. And the first thing you need to acknowledge with yourself is why you’re not happy. I had all the fame, all the TV shows, endorsements, fans, but I wasn’t happy. There’s a problem there. Money, looks, whatever. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

She told the hosts: “When I had that meltdown, I had to go back, and this was also after my daughter because I wanna be a healthy mother for her, I want my child to grow up in a healthy home, I had to readjust and fix myself.”  She added: “So, for me, I had to take a spiritual journey by also removing myself from the limelight.”

The former Channel O and VUZU personality also spoke about seeking more in life than just fame.

“I don’t know if you remember but I did say something like ‘I retire, I’m retiring’ was just me saying I wanna be out of this limelight ‘cause I’ve been on the roller-coaster for 15 years of back-to-back working, international trips, local shows, V-Entertainment, face of this, face of that. I was the talk of the town for many years. I was kind of burnt out.

“So when I took that space I just wanted to go and reconnect with my creator, and find myself again in the human form, because I had found myself in a celebrity form… I can’t just be of existence being famous. There must be more substance to me.”  

Star’s mother now has an academy called Talent Coaching Academy which provides courses on TV presenting, public speaking among other things.

She explained: “The academy is born from me going through my spiritual journey. I’m taking Bible classes… I needed to go back and just learn about who I am, where I’m from, who God is, where I am in God’s eyes, and during that process, I was basically alone. I wasn’t working. And I just had a vision that I need to spill out this wisdom to other young people that are in need and in search of it…”

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