Ntsiki Mazwai Comes For Troll Who Called Her Ugly

SA men are holding a grudge against Ntsiki.

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Ntsiki Mazwai has called on women to stop being desperate by providing for their men when they are in relationships. Her plea did not quiet sit well with men as they continue to drag her, and this time a troll poked fun at her looks.

All is not well between Ntsiki and the men in SA, after she bashed them for having small penises. No apology has been issued by Ntsiki hence the trolling that continues.

She posted a video on Twitter instructing women to stop being desperate in a relationship by doing things out of the ordinary such as paying their partner's bills, bonds and letting them drive their cars.

She believes that keeping a man should not be this much work and that ladies should regain their dignity.

"Ladies, why are you so desperate to keep a man? Why is your man driving your car? Why are you paying all the rent and the bond? like why ladies, like wow, you are being so desperate and I wanted to post and let you know that nilahlile ladies,"

The poet continues by saying "You can't be that desperate that you gotta buy a man!" she exclaims.

Sifting through her comments section you will find women justifying these type of relationships and men saying it is acceptable as it instils equality in a relationship.

A comment stood out for Ntsiki when a troll said: "It’s the ugly ones like u who have a big mouth and say a lot of crap yet they will be in our DMs asking why haven’t I called."

Ntsiki clapped back and told the troll to check himself first before coming for her.

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