Ntsiki Mazwai Apologizes For Inflammatory Past Rants

She has since taken accountability for ever subjecting women to public scrutiny

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Mixed emotion following Ntsiki Mazwai taking accountability for some of her previously rants about women's hair. Mazwai regrets ever subjecting women to a public scrutiny where misogynistic individuals have had contributions to her misogynistic rants.

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In a turn of events, the once known as 'controversial and troublesome' Ntsiki Mazwai have had a change of hearts in some of her past controversies. Mazwai, who is famously known for always speaking her mind and standing her ground to what she believes in, shares some of the regrets for her past rants.

Taking to Twitter, Mazwai has taken the high road as she conveys her apologies to everyone she has ever offended. Specifically, Mazwai regrets ever having harsh and inflammatory opinions on women's hair i.e weaves. 

She takes full accountability and blames herself for every part she has ever played in subjecting other women's choices to social media ridicule and trolling. Particularly, she regrets ever giving the controversial Nota Baloyi any leg to stand on with his attacks on women who wears weaves. 

"I am actually partly to blame.....my weave rants enabled clowns and scoundrels like aboNota to start abusing women about weaves freely and disreapectfully..... I am partly responsible for men thinking women's hair is their business. And I regret Shem. I regret." wrote Ntsiki Mazwai
Some of fans and followers have since pardon Mazwai for once having an opinion on something she never believed in.

"Nah, I don't blame you. You had an opinion as a woman addressing other women. What kind of men police and politicise women's hair? I ask myself that every time cause it's women talking? And you always explain the spiritual aspect. Nah." wrote Palesa Motlatle
In the same breath, some tweeps have applauded Ntsiki Mazwai for taking accountability and actually bowing down before the people she once offended by asking for mercy and forgiveness.

"Thank you sis...thank you...im naturally a beauty...and wear weave because my hair doesn't grow since after pregnancy. I used to wear makeup everyday... due to a bed skin i developed after giving birth as well. My skin is good now and dont put on makeup everyday anymore." wrote Shalisha China
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