Nyaniso Dzedze Joins Rhythm City

'You can make anything happen in this world'

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Rhythm City's newest addition is the ever-so-talented Nyaniso Dzedze!

The actor, who is humbled and excited about his next adventure, took to social media to not only share the good news, but also a few words of wisdom in a bid to inspire the younger generation of males who look up to him.

"For every little black boy looking up to me (my nephew's especially!) I'm here to say YOU CAN. You CAN make anything happen in this world. You can dream wildly. You've gotta BELIEVE wildly too though. Sometimes the seeds have been planted and not yet broken through to the sunlight. Have faith in the steps you're taking. It's been a real journey for me as an actor,"  He wrote on Insta.

He also went on to further express his gratitude for being a part of the popular television show. Nyaniso also mentioned how playing different roles helps him understand and learn more about the different men of this world.

"I've learned a lot through this character and look forward to sharing more with you. For now, I'm celebrating and grateful that I've received this opportunity." He added.
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Nyaniso is best known for his character on eTV's Ashes to Ashes as well as when he played Bongani on Unmarried.

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