One-on-two with Major League DJz

Securing Davido was the first in a series of major Africa-wide moves 

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One-on-two with Major League DJz

The Major League team damn near sent South African music fans into a frenzy when they announced that the hitmaker behind tracks such as ‘If’ and ‘Fall’ - Davido - would be on his way to South Africa in September for the next edition of the annual Major League Gardens social festival.

I recently got to pow-wow with the Mbere brothers and it turns out that securing Davido is the first in a set of major moves (pun intended) that will hopefully see MLG become one of Africa’s foremost music and arts festivals. One of the elements they plan to add to the festival in future is art.

“The vision is to become the biggest African music festival to the point where countries overseas look at the festival (MLG) as thee African arts festival you should go to. Globally, there are a lot of festival goers, maybe like 200,000 different people from all over the world that go to festivals just to experience different cultures, music and so forth…” begins Bandile.  

Before Banele adds, “for black urban culture, there currently isn’t anything that celebrates it.”

This celebration of African culture that they mention actually comes across as the theme for the next chapter of their career.

In a few weeks, they will be shooting the music video for their latest single, ‘Do Better’ which features Patoranking, Riky Rick & KLY.

When asked how hands on they are about the process of conceptualizing and filming music videos, Bandile said “we’re very hands on, we always send suggestions, whether it’s about the treatment or references from other videos. We’re like 80 per cent hands on and then we leave the rest up to the production team to make the vision happen.”

He then adds “with our music videos, we’re always trying to incorporate the authenticity of local stuff but with the ‘Do Better’ video we’re trying to incorporate the authenticity of Africa into our music videos. Thus far, it’s been local… kasi… street… So now we’re just trying to incorporate Africa and we’re going to do that for a long time to come.”

Despite the odd relationship speculation or label drama, any time you mention the Major League DJz, the conversation remains all about the music. 

Bandile and Mihlali

When asked what their secret is to keeping things that way, the usually-quiet Banele chimed in and said “It’s how you position yourself… Even if you maintain that mystery, people will find out about your life. You know, what car you drive, how much money you make, who you’re dating and all these things… With that being said, it’s very hard to keep things under wraps when you’re trying to be as real as possible with your people. If you’re doing that, you are going to end up letting them into your life. The nice things and the bad things that are happening into your life, the good and the bad”

Bandile ends the interview by saying “we have done a nice job of splitting the two, people know us but they don’t know a lot about us. They know enough to keep them happy and know that we’re cool enough to mess with.”

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