Pabi Cooper Gets Recognition From US Rapper BIA

Amapiano to the world they said and are doing it.

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Amapiano as a popular House Music subgenre has been the dominant sound locally for three years and counting. Internationally, it has been a sound that has given many South African artists recognition for two years and counting. Artists like Drake have not only appreciated the sound, but have co-signed artists like Uncle Waffles.

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A co-sign which has made Uncle Waffles one of the most successful Amapiano exports the world has seen to date. However, it seems that more and more South African Amapiano artists are getting recognised and appreciated by American artists. The latest of them being Pabi Cooper. 

Pabi Cooper gets recognition from US rapper BIA

Dancer turned vocalist Pabi Cooper was one of the breakout artists of 2021 when she delivered her classic single Isphithiphithi featuring Reece Madlisa, Busta 929 and Joocy. Since then the musician has been delivering hit after hit, whether it is Bambela, Bayana Ke Bafana or her current hit single Waga Bietjie. Cooper has asserted herself is one of the most booked and busy female Amapiano artists

It seems that the artist has made such an impact that she recently took to her Instagram stories to share that she had US rapper BIA in her DMs expressing how much she wants to see Pabi performing live. 
While the matter of Pabi Cooper’s dancing has been a drag that the musician has faced since her transition from dancer/ hype girl to vocalist. It seems that with the popularity of the Pretorian dance move, Bacardi, which shares its name with the popular Pretorian original sound. 
Cooper has been leading the charge in terms of popularising the dance move. This is as she commented on the now viral post suggesting that the Bacardi dance moves are some of the most elite recently popularised dance moves. Therefore, it is safe to assume that BIA might have been one of the many social media users that saw the video and wanted to see Pabi live. 
However, Pabi Cooper is not the first Amapiano artist in 2023 to receive a co-sign from an artist that its recognised internationally or in the US. That credit goes to leading Private School Amapiano producer-DJ kelvin Momo. When the matter made headlines, it was reported as: 

Recently, one thing that has almost become a guarantee is how the newest amapiano artists are getting international recognition. The newest addition amapiano DJ and producer Kelvin Momo is no exception as he receives his flowers from Canadian rapper, Drake.

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One would argue that perhaps DJ Black Coffee has been very instrumental in opening doors of recognition from Mzansi artist to the international artists. However, if the talent transcends the African boarders to the international stages, then all credits are due to those artists.

The newest amapiano producer and DJ Kelvin Momo is beyond ecstatic, this comes after he was a direct message (DM) on Instagram from the international rapper, Drake. In the DM, Drake expresses how much he listens and appreciates Momo's sound.

"Waking up to such. speechless! le re nna ke etsa hanyani   jokes aside Getting a DM from Drake means a lot I don’t even know what to say but am f*cken grateful man" wrote Kelvin Momo.

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