Fans Label Papa Penny Toxic!

The side chicks, bad English and toxic nature, Mzansi is still glued onto their TV screens.

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Every week Mzansi stays glued onto their TV screens to watch the larger than life Papa Penny and his family.

Every episode births a new perception Mzansi has on the star and his family and this week was no different. The musician had people commending his 'cheating skills', to then bashing him for being toxic towards women, especially his wife.

Patriarchy is what some have named him as every episode shows how his word is final and disregards the opinions and feelings of the women around him.

Turning a blind eye to all the negativity, fans prefer his reality show than the much anticipated Madam and Mercy and any other reality show on TV currently. 

Despite the 'disturbing' attitude he has towards his wife, viewers found amusement in how he reacted to his 'side chick' calling and the name he saved her as.

When the woman called, he had no idea who it was and when asked, she responded with 'it's your wife'. His wife and family was present during the conversation which could be heard on loudspeaker, and the musician responded with 'sies'. His response was met with a burst of laughter from his family and viewers as well.

Despite the heavy criticism Papa Penny receives, fans commend the authenticity in the characters and would much rather watch the show than anything else. Here are the reactions.

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