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You know you've pushed too many boundaries when, as a controversial South African pastor, other controversial South African pastors are calling you out.

This week has been dominated by the hilarious #RessurrectionChallenge which began when the now infamous Pastor Lukau, claimed to have brought a man back from the dead.

In case you somehow missed this viral video, check it out below:

Although Pastor Lukau claims to be a man of God, many are praying for him after his recent miracle. Including another pastor - Paseka "Mboro" Motsoeneng. Pastor Mboro has laid a charge of fraud against Alph Lukau and has even gone as far as praying for his fellow religious leader:

You can't help but love the fact that the pastor did all this in a tailored suit outside of his BMW i8. And while we're sure Mboro means well, let's not forget that this is also the man who claimed to have gone to heaven, taken selfies and then lost the phone (he should have backed them up to the Cloud!).

Of course, many of South Africa's biggest celebs couldn't help but point out the irony here:

South Africa has had no shortage of controversial religious leaders lately. Sadly, their actions threaten to make a mockery of an institution which guides millions of followers around the world. Although it's worth pointing out, not all famous pastors are the perpetrators of crimes. Sometimes they are the victims.

It's the dodgy ones we should be worrying about... Should these pastors face criminal action?

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