How Media Personality Pearl Thusi Survived Facebook R*pist, Thabo Bester

This comes after the shocking news that Thabo Bester is allegedly alive and well

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Media personality Pearl Thusi has somehow got implicated following the news relating to the dubbed Facebook rapist, Thabo Bester. Bester was declared dead on the 03 May, 2022, by the Department of Correctional Services. Following a fire that erupted in his cell at the Mangaung Correctional Centre.

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However, recently the public has also learned that Thabo Bester is allegedly alive and well, following pictures of him making rounds on social media. Reportedly, Bester was spotted at Sandton City, attending to his errands with whom is believe to be allegedly, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana.

While the news are making rounds on social media and people are reacting to the shock. Media Personality Pearl Thusi's name has come up to the conversations more than once.
A retired police officer who had an affidavit statement made made by Pearl Thusi once revealed to the Sunday World how Thusi escaped Bester. In the statement, Thusi relays how she survived from a deathbed at the hands of Thabo, who at the time was going by the name of Thomas Bester.

In a statement, Thusi says she met Bester in June 2011 and almost became one of his victims. The statement, dated July 2 2021, reads, "I drove slowly and began trying to negotiate with him. I asked him not to take my laptop because all my daughter's photos were there. He surprisingly agreed. He promised not to hurt me and told me he had already taken my phones, a Blackberry and an iPhone" reads the statement

After convincing him not to kill her, Pearl Thusi proceeded to offer Bester help, which he did not refused.

"I offered him help that would be better than stealing. I asked him why he didn't build a better future. I offered him counselling at my church. I don't remember exactly when he gave me a knife or threw it to the back of my car" reads the statement

In the statement, Thusi further states that after winning Bester over and convinced him to visit a pastor. She and Bester proceeded to go meet a pastor  and Thusi took Bester to meet up with Kabelo Mabalane and Tumisho Masha at Mabalane's house.

"I also collected a bible and wrote a message in it and gave it to him. I drove to Sandton; at Kabelo Mabalane's house. Thabo/Thomas spoke to Tumisho Masha, whom he strangely knew. Tumisho looked uncomfortable" read the statement

After the intense meeting with both Mabalane and Masha, Thusi admits to have kept in contact with Bester. She says every now and again they would speak on the phone, as well as text each other. However, after Masha warned her about Bester, she completely cut ties with him and never heard from him since.

"I wondered how much of what he had told me was true, especially after Tumisho Masha had warned me that he was a scam artist. I needed his warning but it was sad. I later learnt from social networks and papers about rapes and murders and that he'd been locked up. I have never contacted him since or been contacted by him, according to my knowledge" ends the statement

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