Pearl Thusi reveals she always wanted to marry a white Rugby player

The media personality believes that TV made her subconsciously believe that white men treated women better 

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Pearl Thusi reveals she always wanted to marry a white Rugby player

Those of you who listened to this morning's installment of the Metro FM breakfast show, The Fresh Breakfast, would have heard media personality Pearl Thusi make the revelation that as a young girl, she had dreams of marrying a white rugby player. 

This was because the shows she was exposed to showed white men doing right by the women they were in relationships with. 

"As a young girl, I never saw black men doing right to any of the women I that was exposed to... and then I was watching Bold and The Beautiful and Days of our Lives and there were those white guys that were doing the things you know? Even though Ridge could never decide what he wanted. But once he was there, he was there, you know what I mean?" said Thusi.

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This was part of a wide ranging conversation that covered her upbringing, her parents' relationship, the pros and cons of being a young mother, motherhood in general and dating. 

She also revealed how she used to get horrible nicknames because of how light she was so she often tried to darken herself by sitting in the sun, which never worked, so she opted for praying to be dark. 

DJ Fresh then asked which sport Pearl would be the perfect WAG for to which she responded, "I had always wanted to marry a rubgy player and he had to be Caucasian."

Naturally, this peaked Fresh's interest and he asked her why that was to which Pearl responded with the quote about before adding, "I think it was a subconscious traumatic whatever that I had associated with black men and that's sad." 

The conversation then turned to why and how children mimic what they see and what their parents do. 

Pearl then opened about about how she used to beg her mother to leave her father and to this day, she lives in regret about her mother not doing it. 

"Because their relationship didn't look like it was a lot of fun and it was affecting us... She always used to say she couldn't leave because of me... Because I loved my dad, like I was obsessed with him."

She then said, as a result, she often stayed in relationships longer than she should have whenever they were no longer working. 

"We have been taught as black women and maybe women in general that long-suffering and ukubekezela and being in the struggle in your own home is something that is normal and something that is okay and it's NOT OKAY." 

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She went on to add "because I have never seen a good relationship in my family that involves a black man and a black woman... it's not about colour anymore, because obviously I've grown up, but I won't let my daughter see that. I would rather die a spinster with a million cats and millions more dogs in my house than live with a child who believes that she has to force a man to love her or force her way into a man's heart."

"If you're unhappy somewhere, get the hell out" 

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