Pearl Thusi Will Be In Wu Assasins S2

What does Black Twitter have to say about this?

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If entertainment commentator Phil Mphela's predictions are true, then our Mama Panther has bagged herself a major international gig. Pearl Thusi will apparently appear in the 2nd season of Netflix’s martial arts series, Wu Assassins.

The series, which is believed to be halved into a two part series, is shot in Thailand, and that is where Pearl is currently. "Pearl Thusi joins another international series. Thusi is starring in the 2nd season of Netflix’s martial arts series, Wu Assassins. 2nd season reportedly has a format change to being a two-part movie. Production is currently shooting in Thailand," wrote Phil.

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Phil listed a number of reasons why he believes she has been cast for the series.
If we put two and two together, Phil's predictions could be true. Pearl is currently in Thailand and the latest video she shared is of her doing some martial arts training. She captioned the video;

"Living a dream...Usually when I go to bed, muscles aching and bones shaking- I count every blessing. As a kid I played with the boys- and only played physical games with the girls... loved action movies. Today I get paid to look like I can actually fight, but I actually just found new ways to play with the boys and girls who like to play like me. Girls like @jujuchanszeto who are faster and stronger than me!"

"Thanks to the boys who teach me and let me pretend to beat them up - and thank you for the people who give me the opportunity to continue making the child in me happy and seen.

"Additionally- the guy training us actually trains champions- real fighters would kill to have him as a teacher but here he is- teaching muaythai to amateurs like me- with passion and care. What a [email protected]_somkhao @sathianmuaythai."

Pearl also had a message for her haters on Twitter saying she is ready to fight them, "Lastly - tell black Twitter to catch me outside!" Her relationship with trolls on Twitter is very shaky and she said on Instagram that she does not care at all, “These people waste their time and energy dragging me and I wasn’t even there to feel the pain I was meant to feel. Bazobaright shame (they will be alright shame),” she said.

Pearl had hinted before departing that she left the country to pursue a role elsewhere but did not say where that would be. Phil had to burst the star's bubble. "Leaving South African borders for the first time this year for a really exciting project," she wrote.

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