Pebetsi Survives Car Accident And Attempted Hijacking

The expectant mom is grateful to be alive

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Skeem Saam actress Pebetsi Matlaila is safe and sound following a traumatic experience she and her family endured over the weekend. The expectant mom and newlywed took to Instagram to inform her followers that they got into a car accident whilst trying to escape a hijacking.

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Pebetsi revealed that she had dinner with her husband and daughter on Friday night so the incident happened when they left. “On Friday night (coming back from dinner with a loved one at the airport) my family and I were involved in a car accident while escaping an attempted hijacking. Besides the shock and minor injuries, everyone involved in the accident survived with no casualties reported, we thank God,” the actress wrote on her IG stories.

As a pregnant woman, she had to be treated in hospital but announced that they got discharged in no time, “I rejoice and praise the Sovereign God because we’ve been discharged from hospital. We’re still in good health, including the baby. Material things can be replaced but life can be lost in a split second. But mercy said no. God reminded us of His power and protection, even when we’re not aware. I serve a living God, my family and I are all still good.”
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She then updated her followers again yesterday and said that their family has been there for them following the accident. "Feeling so grateful today! Thank God for my family (as strange as we may be together #realityshow vibes) they stopped everything to drive all the way here from their different locations JUST to come check up on us after the Accident on Friday. And now we celebrate life and Praise the All Mighty together. #blessed GOD IS STILL GOOD!," she wrote on her IG.

Just recently she also opened up about an experience with a car guard who told her she was not beautiful as she is on television. She plays Mogkadi on Skeem Saam but the guard did not think she looked the same and that left her hurt. Matlaila began the video by expressing how shocked she still is by the guard’s coldness towards her. In the video she said she took herself out because she had cravings and her husband was working and it was her day off.

“I think I’ve seen you somewhere…are you Mokgadi from Skeem Saam…your son Noah is a trouble-maker” then Matlaila played along because she did not want to be labelled rude and said “Yes, I am Mokgadi…could you please help me find the ticket…look under the car?”

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