"Penuel Is A Male Version Of Msaki… Dumping His Kids On Their Mothers" Nota Baloyi

The war between Chris Excel, Penuel & Nota Baloyi Reach Heights

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The war between Nota Baloyi, and Penuel reach new heights as more damning information on Penuel comes to light. It all started when Penuel hosted Bianca Coster on his podcast to speak about the emotional and psychological torment she's suffered at the hands of Twitter troll Chris Excel. To date, Chris Excel still refuses to remove Coster's picture on his Twitter profile picture.

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To Chris Excel's defence, Baloyi is fighting tooth and nail to justify his actions and the reason why he has Coster's picture on his profile. Singer Msaki has also caught strays as Baloyi compares her to Penuel who has been reported to be a deadbeat that left all his six kids with their mothers.

"Penuel is a male version of Msaki… Dumping his kids on their mothers while he goes out to teach the world how to succeed at the things he’s failed at. The hypocrisy is astonishing. Astounding to note how nobody cares about the abandoned children they’ve dumped on their partners!" wrote Nota Baloyi
Baloyi proceeds to brag about how his father was present to his upbringing as compared to Penuel, who has literally dumped his kids to be raised by their mothers. Baloyi criticizes Penuel who is very vocal about being a counselor of social media but fails to be a present father to his own kids.

"My Dad dropped me off at school with a kiss on the lips for 12years… Penuel’s kids have never had their father drop them off at school, instead he’s being a father figure to adults that won’t hold him accountable for not being a present father. He’s in no position to lecture us!" wrote Nota Baloyi
Reportedly, Penuel's baby mothers has declared him as an unfit father for failing to be a present to their upbringing.

"The mothers’ of all his children decided he’s unfit to be a father or partner… He thinks they best way to prove his fitness as a parent is to go to war with Chris Excel over a meme. The height of self delusion is coming to YouTube as a motivational speaker when you’re a failure!" wrote Nota Baloyi
There seems to be no end in Twar between Baloyi, Chris Excel and Penuel, who continues to take jabs at each other on Twitter.

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