Phat Joe and his wedding

It almost didn't happen.

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Just like us, you’ve probably been wondering when Phat Joe’s wedding will be taking place. The TV host melted our hearts when he proposed to Palesa Morgan back in 2016. 

His proposal video was the cutest. In the clip, Joe gave Palesa five reasons why he loves her. “You’re the most beautiful, sexy and angelic woman I have ever met. And to my surprise, with every passing day, you grow more and more beautiful,” he said. Isn’t he the sweetest, though?  

We’ve been looking forward to the wedding since the day the video dropped. So, when is the big day? 

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Speaking to Azania Mosaka on Real Talk this week, the former RGB said the ceremony was supposed to happen in April. “And it didn’t happen in April. And part of the problem has been me, my schedule and what’s going on in my life and business wise,” he told Azania. 

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Although he didn’t want to get into the details, he did confirm that there will be a wedding. He said there are dates that they’re targeting this year.

We surely can’t be the only ones excited about this one? It looks like Joe has found himself a keeper and we’re so here for that!

He described Palesa as an amazing, smart and intelligent person. “It’s very rare that you meet somebody that echoes your own thoughts. So, it’s like, whatever I say – it’s not that we compete each other’s thoughts –  we’re so in agreement on so many that very little has to be said and spoken about. Half the time we just spend our time laughing at all the things we agree about, and like how crazy the world is and how people are…”

Shortly after the proposal video went viral, Palesa, who is a model by profession, had an interview on SABC 3’s Expresso. She revealed that she’s always know that she’d marry him. 

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“But when it happened of course I was so surprised and overjoyed. When asked if she knew if the proposal would happen that way, she said no. “It’s the last thing I expected. Just because he’s the opposite at home – he’s so quiet, I expected like a Sunday morning breakfast…” Palesa added that Joe definitely surprised her. 

We can’t wait for the wedding! 

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