Phila Mazibuko is still around and making art

Phila Mazibuko is alive, well and doing greater than ever.

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When we wrote an article about celebrities who have disappeared from the entertainment industry. Our article featured former Live presenter and Muvhango actor, Phila Mazibuko.

After posting the article on social media, a lot of our readers inquired about Phila's whereabouts and whether he's still in the entertainment industry.

ZAlebs caught up with the actor to inform everyone that he's still very much in the industry and working even harder to achieve his dreams as an actor, singer and even radio broadcaster.

His latest role as DJ Coalstove on MTV's Shuga is the perfect role to not only catapult his career to the levels he wants it to reach but to also remind people of how much of a talented actor Phila is.

Phila explained that his audition for the DJ Coalstove role literally took one take and before he knew it, the director of the show called him to inform the actor that he got the role.

Some people are just blessed with an abundance of talent. There are so many actors out there who need to do numerous takes for them to nail the role, but not Phila.

Phila Mazibuko

Last week we saw the first episode of MTV Shuga's  fifth season premiere on our small screens. Phila expressed that he was very satisfied with the outcome of the first episode as well as the viewer's feedback.

He also added that this show is not only a local production an international one too. 

"As much as it's a local production, I still feel that MTV Shuga is as much of an international production as well. It's broadcast in over 139 channels worldwide, so for me, it's something major and for me to be a part of it is a blessing. Big up South Africa, we're finally moving forward." Said Phila.

The former Live presenter also touched a bit on his character, DJ Coalstove, whom he considers to be a very ginuwine type of a guy.

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"Without divulging too much about my character, what I can say is that he's a very genuine person. When he tackles something, he puts his whole heart into it, he loves passionately, the same goes when he's angry. So I think a lot of people will relate to him because he's as real as they come."

Phila then took us down memory lane and highlighted some of his fondest memories whilst working on SABC 1's music - Live alongside Minnie Dlamini back in the mid-2000's

"My highlight of working on Live was really just the ubuntu that I got from the people I worked with then. I was working with genuine people who love what they do and people who respected each other professionally plus had great respect for their work as well. 

So for me, it was literally, a normal job where you go to the office, respect your colleagues and bosses, perform and make sure you did your job to the best of your abilities."

Phila went on to reassure us that he has not disappeared from the entertainment industry, in fact, he has been busy with his music and acting career especially within the theatre.

"I'm currently working on a single, I'm also shooting a feature movie, we've actually started filming already. 

So I've been filming short films, I've also been doing theatre work and I'm trying my very best to get onto radio because it's something I'm very passionate about." Said Phila.

Make sure you catch Phila Mazubuko on MTV Shuga every Wednesdays, on DStv Channel 322.

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