Phumeza Mdabe on her return on TV and her family

Chatting with Phumeza about career, her son and plans on having more kids.

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Phumeza Mdabe

Many people may remember her as the host of Our Perfect Wedding, who stole South African hearts with her calming presenting skills, and her fabulous afro hair. Phumeza Mdabe is back on our TV screen and enjoying every moment of it.

Phumeza recently came back on TV after disappearing for a while, ZAlebs had a chat with her to find out about her career and her her life as a mother and wife.

You are not a loud, attention seeking socialite, is this by choice or these character traits are naturally in you?

"I'm not a loud person by nature. I really love my space, therefore, I work when it's time to work then go back into my personal space and sort of disappear off the radar."

Besides acting, what else have you been up to?

"I'm the label manager at my husband's label, I also co-own  an events company with a friend, I've also been busy with my media studies degree."

In case you didn't know, Phumza is married to house vocalist Shota.

You came back on our TV screens as Thembi on's Heist, how has the return to TV been like?

"It's been great, especially because this character, it forced me to grow as an actress and challenge myself. I'm looking forward to the audience seeing a different side of me."

Phumeza Mdabe

We remember you used to break it down real hard with your music, is there any chance of you going back to the music scene?

"Hahaha! Not in the near future but you never know."

Your son is finally cancer free after numerous scares, what has this emotionally taxing experience taught you about life?

"It taught me so much. To love each day like it's the last. To cherish my loved ones even more. To enjoy the good times and embrace the hard times because everything passes. Nothing lasts forever."

Phumeza Mdabe

Are you and Shota planning on having more kids?

"We definitely aren't planning on having more. Between us we have four kids including the little one. We have our hands full."

Lastly, how are you planning on celebrating Christmas this year?

"We always spend Christmas at home as most of the time my husband is on the road. We are only able to really spend time in January after the rush has died down, take a little vacay. We put up the Christmas tree, bake with the kids, little braais with family or friends by the poo, presents etc."

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