Pinky Girl: Bonang is a very strong woman

She supports her cousin in every way possible.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Pinky Girl  | Top of The

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Tebogo ‘Pinky Girl’ Mekgwe

During her radio interview on Metro FM with Thembisa Mdoda and Mo-G, Pinky Girl was asked how her family and cousin (Bonang) handle all of the negativity coming from social media.

Pinky Girl then explained that she and Bonang when together don’t talk about such things

“We don’t take such things so seriously because it’s part of people trying to bring you down, they can see that you’re doing good, but then they try to find negative vibes because maybe they don’t feel good about themselves so they feel like what you’re doing is something that they’d want to do.”

Pinky girl and Bonang Matheba

Pinky Girl went on to mention that when she and Bonang are together, they don’t speak about what is being said on social media.

“I don’t take these things seriously, they don’t affect me, it’s part of life, you have to go through such to be strong. My cousin is a very, very strong woman, she’s been through a lot, we support her, I support her and when we’re together we don’t talk about that, we don’t, it’s part of her work. When we do talk about it, what are we solving?”

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