Shudufhadzo Showcases Her Versatility WIth Hair

From bald, to wigs and back to being bald again.

By  | Feb 10, 2023, 09:06 AM  | Shudufhadzo Musida  | Fashion

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Shudufhadzo Musida won the title of Miss South Africa back in 2020. A difficult time to have won the title as she was the predecessor to the official Miss South Africa turned Miss Universe 2019/ 2020 Zozibini Tunzi.

Throughout her win, she faced comparisons to Tunzi as the matter of her bald head was compared to the beauty standards shift when buzz-cut Tunzi won the world over just the year before.

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However, at the time, Musida’s win was advocated for due to her “unconventional” body shape as she was more curvaceous than the standard beauty queen would be expected.

As such, her bald head was what arguably gave Musida her signature. Of course, this was along with her striving to bring awareness to mental health, which was an apt cause considering just how much she was bullied.
While the bald head might have been her signature, the beauty queen recently showcased the fact that she cannot be boxed as she experiments with her hair looks. 

Shudufhadzo showcases her versatility with hair

Recently, Shudufhadzo took to her social media to share a surprising hair look. This is as the former Miss South Africa has been known for her bald-headed look since she won the crown. However, in an effort to showcase her versatility with her hair, Shudu donned a curly-wavy wig and she shared a series of selfies wearing the wig in question.
But it seems as her followers and fans were loving the look, Shudu said, “Don’t box me in.” This is as her subsequent post saw her return to back to short hair. This time dyed bold.
But in her most recent post, it seems she went back to default settings as she cut all of her hair off and returned to her signature clean chiskop.
However, Shudu is not the only ZAlebs recently to play with her signature haircut by introducing weaves to her arsenal of looks. Singer-songwriter and continually bullied ZAlebs, Lady Zamar also played around with her hair look recently. Reported at the time as: 

Lady Zamar last had a musical impact back in 2019 when she released her third solo studio album titled Monarch. Since then it seems that her tarnished public image has suffered as long as the country is suffering from the after-effects of the height of the pandemic locally. 

The More and More hitmaker has not been able to release new music due to how the public still badges her over the allegations of sexual assault that she made against fellow musician Sjava. The songstress cannot go a day without being reminded of her mishaps. 

As a result, it seems that Lady Zamar has taken drastic moves to have the public’s perception change about her. 

Lady Zamar cuts off her locks? 

Taking to Twitter recently, Lady Zamar shared yet another selfie of herself. However, this time, there was one noticeable difference. The ZAlebs did not have her signature long locks. But instead, she posed with leave-out extensions. In her caption, she asked whether or not fans are feeling the look or not.

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