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Priddy Ugly was part of a group of local celebrities who hijacked the ZAlebs newsroom this Friday and what went down was sheer chaos! While he was here writing articles and gaming with the rest of us, he was also standing by as his music video for his new single,  Cocaine Ghost dropped. 

Before we chatted about the video, we asked how he enjoyed being a ZAlebs journalist for the day: 

"I just want to say, my story was the best! I wrote the best story, it got the most clicks and if my career as a rapper doesn't work out, I'm going to go into journalism instead!"

Priddy Ugly's Cocaine Ghost video has received a stamp of approval from Cassper Nyovest. The video was released a few hours ago and has made a good impression. Cassper said in a tweet: "That cocaine ghost video is ill @Priddy_Ugly !!!! Welldone!!!"

ZAlebs caught up with Priddy Ugly and he told us all about his new track. He started off by making it clear that the title has nothing to do with drugs. He explained: "It's just a state of mind, being in this white car that I have. It's called 'ghost' because every time I'm in this car I feel invincible - like everything is possible, everything just becomes like a dream, I can achieve and attain anything."

He added: "And the reason why it's called cocaine is because it's a white car. The song is basically about me being on a journey and exploring my space, just about being comfortable with who I am..."

It seems like the rapper's year is off to a great start. And, if the song is anything to go by, Priddy Ugly, who reffers to himself as the "underground king", might just get the break he is.

On why he calls himself the underground king, he said: "I say underground because I am a talent that has not been discovered... I feel like I'm performing the best of the people who haven't been discovered. I'm trying to open a platform for undiscovered talent..."

Check out Priddy Ugly's Cocaine Ghost video below:

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