A Frenzy Over Prince Kaybee's Wine, Milani

The DJ is spreading his wings to fly even higher

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A frenzy over Prince Kaybee's announcement about his wine, Milani hitting the online stores. DJ Prince Kaybee finally announces that his wine Milani, named after his son is finally available for purchase online.

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The music producer and DJ has ventured into the wine making and selling early this year. Around May, the DJ bought a stake into a vineyard in Tulbagh Western Cape at the Blue Craine Vineyards.

However, the Fetch Your Life hit-maker is happy to announce that his wine 'Milani' will be hitting the online purchasing oh his very own website. Taking to social media, Prince Kaybee has made waves as fans have exceptionally welcomed the news with excitement and joy.

"So excited we are finally here, Thank you to all the men and women back at the farm who have made this possible. Today Iโ€™m announcing that the Milani Wine is now available on our very own online store. Purchase here: http://bluecrane.co.za" wrote Prince Kaybee
Tweeps have congratulated the Prince Kaybee on his business venture expanding to online as well. In this day and age of technology, online stores have become such apparent part of  livelihoods. Not to mention, online stores created a space of safety as well as convenience.

So, for Prince Kaybee to move to online means a great deal for his business as well as his wine, Milani. Taking under comments, tweeps and fans have joined hands in celebrating Prince Kaybee's success and prosperity.

"Prince Kaybee's child's already got a wine under his name, kid can't even run properly and his richer than me. Milan" wrote Mizar
"Everyone knows I love wine so I'm definitely trying this Milani wine by PrinceKaybee... To get yourself a bottle too ..." wrote Ms Sthembi
"I'm gonna be sipping Milani by Prince Kaybee today" wrote The Gyal
"Red wine Prince Kaybee Red Wine with Prince Kaybee music Tell me a better combo, l will wait!" wrote James
Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela who initially shared the news of Prince Kaybee venturing into the wine business has received his special delivery. Which led to him receiving a special delivery of the wine 'Milani'. Whether or not it was coming from Prince Kaybee himself, however he took to social media to share the news.

"Prince Kaybee buys stake in vineyard Businessman & hitmaker, has bought a stake in Tulbagh Western Cape at the Blue Craine Vineyards The star will drop a wine brand soon called Milani, named after his son" wrote entertainment commentator Phil Mphela
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