Prince Kaybee on his 35 siblings and working with Rihanna

Prince Kaybee sheds light on his life growing up and that awkward tweet that had people talking.

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Prince Kaybee who is one of the most sought-after musicians has not always been in the lime light or ever planned to pursue music. In a recent interview on SABC 3’s Trending SA Kaybee let us in on his life story and elaborates on his penis tweet.

  • Prince Kaybee was homeless for nearly three years after getting a girl pregnant and dropping out of school in Grade 11 and moving to Bloemfontein

I got tired of being that guy who’s sitting on the couch...I left home, I went to Bloem...I was a very clever homeless boy, I lived with my girlfriend, [sometimes when she was angry] she’d say ‘yo my ni**ga go sleep somewhere else.'’

Prince Kaybee
  • Prince Kaybee is the last born of 35 siblings of which he met at his dad’s funeral, the musician disclosed that he did not know all his sibling's names because of politics.

“I only met all of them when the pastor at my dad's funeral said: “All the kids from Mr Motsamai come stand in was a team...I’m the last sperm.” he said.

Prince 4
  • Prince Kaybee played for the under 19 Bloemfontein Celtics and wanted to be a soccer star before being a musician.

“It has never been something that I wanted to do, actually music is a plan B, I was gonna be a soccer star. I played for the under 19 Bloemfontein Celtics and during training, I turned my knee cap on my right, I kept on limping in practice so I thought - let me rather do something else and so music came” he said.

  • Amongst many musicians, Prince Kaybee would like to collaborate with Rihanna and says that there’s a good chance it might happen

“We’re in contact with her office, emails are being sent so yeah something might come out of that.”

  • Speaking about his recent ‘penis’ tweet that had twitter going wild Prince Kaybee justified it saying that he did not go to the living room showing his mom his penis but that her mother walked in while he was lotioning his body.

Prince kaybee

“My mom walks in, I was putting on lotion...and says ‘you know when you were little your ‘tshubi’(penis) is pinkish and when you grow up it’s now black…” Prince Kaybee said.

The musician went on to add that when he asked his mother why it is, his mother explained that it was because his ‘tsubi goes in the oven a lot.

“It’s not like I went to the living room and whipped it out,” he said.

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