Pro's working on a new album and his advice to upcoming rappers

The P.r.o is back like he never left.

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One of the greatest wordsmiths of our generation prepares for his latest album and has a word or two for upcoming rappers as well.

Many people might think that Pro threw in the towel and left the hip hop game for good. But not at all, the rapper has been quietly and strategically making his next move in the industry.

In a recent Metro FM interview, Pro mentioned that he is currently working on his new album and has about 8 songs that have already been made. 

He also added that his other focus right now is collaborations and helping out new artists thrive in the industry. Pro is currently working with a new rapper right now by the name of Bless as well. 

He also offered his advice to any other artist who has their goals aimed at breaking into the industry he said.

"Just tell your story via an instrument, abho Bra Hugh told their story, they just blew an instrument and told their story properly. So it's just a matter of us endorsing who we are in whatever phase or era that music is in.

I've been taught that intellectual property is everything. So you must have ownership of your creativity, especially as soon as you write, record and name a song and you also give yourself a stage name all of that you must make sure that you own it. Even when I take demos, I never take them unless they're registered, get your work registered and have ownership of your craft. Paper work is everything."

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During the interview, we also found out that Pro is now also a father. Congratulations Pro!

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