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From entertainment to tourism, Proverb never seizes to amaze us.

Its no doubt that ProVerb is an A-List celebrity. If you did not believe it before you will now be a convert with the announcement that Pro will be an official board member of Flight Centre. The press release read:

''Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) South Africa has appointed Tebogo Thekisho, better known as entertainer extraordinaire ProVerb, to its FCM Travel Solutions and FCTG Corporate boards as a non-executive director.'

We managed to catch up with the busy Idols producer and host, to ask him a few questions on this outstanding achievement 


Congratulations on the big announcement, how did the relationship happen? 

As an avid traveller myself I had the privilege of meeting Andrew Stark - Managing Director of Flight Centre, and after engaging with him about my passion for travel and exchanging some business ideas, there was an immediate connection. We both identified the great opportunity to work together and the potential value I could bring from my experience in entertainment and as an entrepreneur. After a series of meetings with the team and sharing my value proposition and desire to venture into business, all was signed and sealed.


Does this mean you will have free flights? 

There are some definite benefits that come with the position, but what I relish the most is the opportunity to learn all I can about the business of travel, and to grow in that space. I also wish to work really hard and to merge the two worlds of entertainment and travel and to bring new business to the company but also to find opportunity to empower others in the process.  


Your new TV show profiles iconic local celebrities, who would be your dream interview? 

Just recently I got to interview Robert Kiyosaki on my radio show, and I couldn't help but be inspired by how his brain works and his mindset. My dream interview would be former US president Barack Obama, I have immense respect for him and his ability to ignite people when he speaks. As a speaker myself I would absorb all the jewels I can but also learn some valuable lessons to share with my country South Africa. We are very divided at the moment and could use all the wisdom to see us unite and thrive as a nation.


Now that you have literally gone above the clouds, what is next?


Next, is to remain on the constant pursuit of the level beyond the next and to empower as many as possible in the process. I give talks to school kids and young people regularly in the hope of sparking and igniting their young minds. Success is measured by how many you bring with you and my dream is to inspire young people to aim even higher and to bring many others along.


What inspires you to keep going in the entertainment industry? 

I've come to recognize how powerful entertainment is and what an important tool it can be to spread positivity, inspiration and to reach many. Everything I do from hosting SA Idols, to Miss SA or my radio shows (The Kayasette & Winners Circle on Kaya FM) and even my music, talks and social media, are all tools and platforms I use to build. I build myself, I build my community and I build my country and I will continue to build myself and others and this is the legacy I wish to build and eventually leave.

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