Pulane is the ultimate BOZZA

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Pulane Lenkoe  | Top of The

Pulane Mota, popularly known as @PulyBeast on Twitter, is famous for her die hard attitude, winning all the cool Twitter competitions and has trended more than some South African celebrities!

So who better to speak to this social media junkie than our own socialite, Sandy Nene. What do you get when you put two crazy, fun, talk-till-your-ears fall-off people in one room? A seriously entertaining interview of course!

You have been attacked quite a few times on Twitter about your weight and you don't seem to give those trolls any attention at all. Why do you think it is important for everyone to develop thick skin when it comes to social media? 

Social Media is just like real life, people hate on you because they see you doing good, if one wants to succeed you shouldn't pay attention to people, because that only slows down your progress, by having thick skin it helps you develop a strong personality and self esteem, so that you are not let down easily.

Have you ever thought of deactivating your Twitter account because of all the mean things people have said to you on Twitter? 

Countless times, that was when I was still a weakling but I must say that thank you to Twitter and all its diverse personalities, I've become one strong individual who is not a pushover. They have taught me how to laugh at myself as well, which has made everything easier because that is how much I love myself.

One thing I have always been curious about, are you a big talker and as confidant in person as you are online? 

(laughs) My talking and being confident on Twitter does not do my real personality offline any justice. I am worse, the people who have met me off Twitter, including the ones who were mean to me, are always like "Puly, you're such a nice person, and you're loud and bubbly".

How many Twitter competitions have you entered thus far? 

YOH I've lost count.

How many have you won?  

I have won everything except for one.

When you don't win, do you get upset? 

Losing my first competition had me miserable for a month. I was very upset and since that day I made sure I never feel that way again, so that is why when I enter a competition I put my everything in it, I am consistent, I make sure that I win, because I don't want to feel like that ever again.

Do you ever get people confronting you for entering so many Twitter competitions? How do you respond to them? 

So many people have confronted me already and I always say that these competitions are open to everyone, it is not my fault that people have "egos/pride" to enter competitions. If you want something go after it, or else keep quiet and let the rest of us go for it.

From winning an iPad to a car and now being named the ultimate BOZZA, what are you hoping to win next? A house maybe? 

OH HELL YES!!! God willing.

I assume you're still a student, what are you studying and where? 

Studying Psychology at The University of Johannesburg.

How are you going to juggle being a Consol ambassador and studying? 

When you really want something you make sure that you make time for both, studying and being the ultimate BOZZA has become my top priority. 

What does your role as the ultimate BOZZA entail? 

PARTY, PARTY, PARTY! haha kidding, it is all about living the campaign, eat, drink, breath #GlassBottle because everything is good in Glass, RIGHT!!?

I am sure when you joined Twitter you didn't think it would have brought so much to your life. If someone who doesn't know Twitter at all asked you to describe it to them in one word - what would you say? 


Seeing that you are very much enlightened when it comes to Twitter, define a 'tweleb' according to you.

Someone with over 1000 followers, basically a "twitter celeb" but lately people have confused it for a "bully" because a  ‘tweleb’ has become someone who picks fights and slanders people just to gain followers, a rude individual, who says they're rich on Twitter when we really know how broke they are. But who am I to judge, each to their own.

Do you consider yourself as one? 

No, not if a ‘tweleb’ has become a bully, but if the meaning had to be someone with over 1000 followers, a well-known person who gives their followers up-to-date hot topics, a virtual mouth who spews the truth, then yes I would reconsider putting myself in this category.